Distribution services via satellite at homes

H2B2VS project

The H2B2VS (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Video Services) project forms part of the Spanish Industrial Technological Development Centre (CDTI) call for research and development and technological cooperation projects.

The main aim of the project is to research and develop solutions for broadcasting new video formats via hybrid broadcast-broadband networks, using the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression model. The project intends to use the broadband network in addition to the broadcast network when sending information, in such a way that they work together to provide the desired service.

In addition to using HEVC, the project will research solutions along the entire value chain and will tackle various technological challenges coming up over the forthcoming years related to each individual element, for example:

  • At transport level, topics such as MPEG-DASH, Multi Media Transport (MMT) and DVB signalling will be covered.
  • At safety level, watermarking and alternative encryption techniques will be considered.
  • At network level, solutions for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) will be researched, as well as the direct broadcast integration thereof.

Throughout 2013, HISPASAT lead the 4K HEVC broadcast demo via satellite, which constituted an industry milestone as the first 4K broadcast at speeds of less than 20Mpbs. The demo was presented at the in Amsterdam at the IBC in September.


More information: http://h2b2vs.epfl.ch/

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