Sustainability Report 2019


Letter to shareholders

About the report

Management social, economic and environmental impacts


This HISPASAT Sustainability Report 2019 offers relevant information to internal and external stakeholders.

Aerospace Industry

Engine of the Spanish aerospace industry


With over 30 years as a leader of satellite operations in Spain, HISPASAT is the fourth largest satellite operator by income in Latin America and the eighth largest globally.

Customer connection

A technology to achieve universal connectivity


The services that HISPASAT offers allow to have the only technology that is able to achieve universal connectivity.

Technological progress

Innovation at HISPASAT


HISPASAT generates competitive advantages by being a spearhead in the use of telecommunications technologies.

Commitment to the community

Creating value in the community


HISPASAT creates value in the community in different ways. On the one hand, as a result of its business and with social actions to help the community.

Responsible organization

A responsible organization


HISPASAT is committed to providing telecommunications services that generate added value.