HISPASAT continued to grow in 2012, surpassing 200 million euros in revenue

22 de Fevereiro de 2013

This figure sets growth at 6.85% over the prior year.

The company´s EBITDA reached 161.1 million euros, with a margin of over 80%, positioning HISPASAT as one of the most profitable and efficient satellite operators in the world.

A new record for investment of 168.2 million euros was reached, and the company´s net equity increased 6.23% from 2011.

55% of revenue in 2012 was derived from the American continent, especially Latin America, where business volume increased 13.8%.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite communications operator, increased revenue once again in 2012, reporting growth of 6.85% over the previous year to a total of 200.3 million euros. Consolidated EBITDA stood at 161.1 million euros, 4.15% more than in 2011, and the EBITDA margin continued to remain above 80%, which positions HISPASAT among the most profitable and efficient companies in the global satellite sector. A new record for investment of 168.2 million euros was also reached, and the company´s net equity increased 6.23% from 2011.

For Carlos Espinós, CEO of HISPASAT, “the results for 2012 demonstrate that the internationalization of the business was a good decision. At a time when European markets are stagnated, or even retracting, activity in American markets allowed us to balance revenue, so that we could continue to grow and expand our global business volume. We also continued to invest while maintaining our borrowing within very defined limits, which resulted in an equity increase that creates value for our shareholders while ensuring the robustness of our financial structure”.

With regards to the evolution of results, at the close of 2012, the HISPASAT Group obtained consolidated operating profit of 70.6 million euros (the same as in 2011) and consolidated, before-tax profit of 68.7 million euros, down 7.5% from the previous year, mainly due to adjustments made in one of the affiliates of the HISDESAT subsidiary and the increase in amortization expenses of the Hispasat 1E satellite, which in 2011 only amortized for the eight months after its entry into commercial operation in early May.

Of the total revenue reported by the Group in 2012, 196.6 million euros – 7.8% more than the previous year – were derived from revenue from the leasing of spatial capacity. 44% of this came from customers in Europe and 55% from customers in the Americas, particularly Latin America where turnover increased 13.8%. The remaining 1% came from customers in other regions.

In 2012, HISPASAT continued to provide advanced communications services to telecommunications operators in the audiovisual sector and the business and government sectors, market segments in which the Group has significant experience, as well as services related to Internet access, broadband and IP telephony, services for which HISPASAT´s satellites provide strategic connectivity platforms for their deployment. It has also continued to develop advanced solutions for its customers in the areas of broadband access in rural or mobile environments, as well as in the field of audiovisual applications (High Definition TV, Hybrid TV, 3D and satellite DTT TV).