The HISPASAT Group's Amazonas 4A satellite to be launched today

22 de Março de 2014

The satellite will be placed in orbit by an Ariane 5 ECA launcher in French Guiana.
The expected launch window is between 23:04 and 00:02, Spanish time.

The satellite launch will be broadcast live on the websites of HISPASAT and
HISPAMAR Satélites ( /, the
Group's Brazilian company, which is in charge of the operation of Amazonas 4A.

The HISPASAT Group today launches its new communications satellite, the Amazonas 4A, from the European Space Agency base at Kourou, French Guiana. The launch window is between 23.04 and 00.02, Spanish time.

The launch vehicle charged with placing Amazonas 4A in its transfer orbit is the Ariane 5 ECA.

From there, the satellite will head towards the geostationary orbit selected to carry out the tests to verify its correct post-launch functioning, where it will remain for several weeks. Once this period is over, the satellite will be placed in its definitive geostationary orbit.

The Amazonas 4A was built by Orbital Sciences Corporation of the U.S., with an outstandinginvolvement by the Spanish aerospace industry.

During its 15 years of useful life and with its 24 transponders in the Ku band, the Group´s newsatellite will widen its offer of audiovisual services in Latin America.

Television networks: To receive the live satellite launch signal:

Hispasat 1D xp71 (Europe): 

DL: 12603 H 

SR: 9.60 Msps 

FEC: 3/4



Hispasat 1D xp80 (America):

DL 11932.6 V

SR: 7.2 Msps

FEC: 3/4



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