HISPASAT has consolidated its position in the audiovisual sector from its 30º West orbital position

9 de Abril de 2014

RRSat, RTVE and FORTA have extended their satellite capacity agreement with HISPASAT for the distribution of its contents.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite communications operator, extended its service agreement with RRSat, RTVE and FORTA covering broadcast of its audiovisual contents from its 30º West position.

From this orbital position, the HISPASAT Group provides optimal coverage of Europe, Northern Africa, and America, consolidating its position as the benchmark in the distribution of audiovisual channels and transmission of contents for leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV platforms, as well as high definition contents.

Agreement with RRSat

The Hispasat 1E satellite, one of the most recently situated in 30º West orbital position, distributes TV and radio channels from the RRSat platform for Europe and America.

HISPASAT will also be involved in a joint program with RRSat aimed at deploying antennas in Europe, designed to provide attractive quality content as well as to increase the number of channels in the 30º West position covering Europe. This initiative speaks to HISPASAT's devotion to growing audiovisual contents in the European market.

Spanish contents for America: Agreement between RTVE and FORTA

The Hispasat 1E satellite will also distribute RTVE contents for America from the same European position, which have consolidated and stabilized since its broadcasts there began. This bolsters is role as a Spanish operator bridging the two continents.

By virtue of the agreement reached with FORTA (the Regional Federation of Radio and TV Organisms), HISPASAT will broadcast the respective regional Galician and Basque channels TVG and ETB, to America via its IE satellite.

TSA (Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales) is the company in charge of transmitting the signals of both RTVE and FORTA.

The capacity of the HISPASAT satellites to transmit powerfully to the American continent makes it the transatlantic satellite operator with the biggest and best coverage for providing European programming to America.

HISPASAT is solidly positioned in the Latin American audiovisual market, with a very attractive community of antennas operating on both sides of the Atlantic.

Thanks to these new additions, the HISPASAT Group will continue to provide its clients the satellite capacity they require to disseminate their audiovisual services in Europe as well as America, with state-of-the-art levels of quality.