HISPASAT will broadcast the 2014 World Cup to Europe and America

10 de Abril de 2014

The satellite operator signed an agreement with Overon to provide TV signal distribution services from its Amazonas 1 satellite.

HISPASAT, Spain's satellite communications operator, signed a capacity leasing agreement with Overon, a leader in the dissemination of audiovisual content, to broadcast the 2104 20th World Cup to be held in Brazil from June 12-July 13.

This stellar sporting event will be telecast across Europe and America via the HISPASAT Group's Amazonas 1 satellite, which will provide TV channel services transmitting the World Cup games. Thanks to its coverage of both continents, this satellite is the ideal vehicle for this type of event, and owing to its cutting-edge benefits and flexibility, it now offers very reliable links and connections to both sides of the Atlantic. The agreement provides to Overon 8 Amazonas 1 satellite transponders, connecting Brazil-Brazil, Brazil-South America, Brazil-Europe, and Brazil-North America, that will be devoted to telecasting this sporting event.

By virtue of this agreement, some of the leading TV channels worldwide such as Fox Sports and Al Jazeera will cover the 2104 20th World Cup through HISPASAT.

Ignacio Sanchis, HISPASAT'S Business Director, stated that “this agreement bolsters HISPASAT's close commercial ties with Overon. We are extremely pleased that such a prestigious broadcasting company has chosen HISPASAT to work on this major project – televising the Brazilian World Cup".

The CEO of Overon America, Óscar López, stated that “after many years of working on joint projects at European 30º West position, namely permanent and occasional TV distribution services, this is the first major deal with Overon on the other side of the Atlantic. We trust that this will be the start of many trans-Atlantic collaborations in the future”.

The agreement consolidated HISPASAT's leading position in providing broadcast, distribution and contribution video services to Latin America through different orbital positions and satellites, placing the Group at the top of transatlantic satellite providers.

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