HISPASAT and QUANTIS to provide broadband via satellite to North Africa through Moroccan subsidiary NORTIS

2 de Março de 2016

o HISPASAT and QUANTIS have reached an agreement to market the Ka band of the Hispasat 30W-6 satellite and provide satellite broadband services to Morocco for the next 15 years for approximately 125 million euros.

o HISPASAT will provide optimal coverage for Morocco from the 30º West orbital position, allowing NORTIS to become the telecommunications services operators with the most advanced satellite services in the region.

Madrid, 2 March 2016. Spanish satellite communications operator HISPASAT, and QUANTIS, together with their Moroccan subsidiary NORTIS, a leading operator in data, voice and satellite Internet services in Spain and Morocco, have signed a contract to provide satellite broadband services in North Africa. The agreement between the two companies establishes the use of space capacity of the Ka frequency band of the Hispasat 30W-6 satellite until the end of its useful life, estimated at fifteen years, at a cost of approximately 125 million euros.

Coverage provided by this satellite over North Africa, especially Morocco, will be essential to boosting the business of broadband satellite for this country. The Hispasat 30W-6 will be launched into space in 2017, and until then its capacity will be complemented through the Ku frequency band of satellites Hispasat 30W-4 and Hispasat 30W-5, both located in the same orbital position. The coverage provided by HISPASAT satellites for Morocco from 30º West is optimal, and thanks to this capacity NORTIS will become the telecommunications services operator with the most advanced satellite services in the region. This fact is evidenced by the service provided that connects more than 4,000 Moroccan schools via satellite, all of which do not have quality terrestrial coverage due to their rural or remote locations. Projects like this one, developed by NORTIS through HISPASAT’s capacity, show the importance of satellite infrastructure in facilitating universal Internet access and reducing the digital divide.

Moreover, both companies have signed another agreement to offer maritime thanks to the Ku band capacity of satellites Hispasat 30W-4 and Hispasat 30W-5. The maritime sector – cruise ships, fishing fleets, ocean carriers and ship companies – will be provided with a flexible, innovative solution that is easily adapted to each user’s needs. The service offered by QUANTIS through its own platform is supported by HISPASAT’s satellite capacity, which will provide the best coverage in the waters of the Maghreb, from the southernmost latitudes of the region to the most central areas of the Mediterranean.

Ignacio Sanchis, business director at HISPASAT, states, “for us it is very important to continue to strengthen our collaboration with QUANTIS and support them in the expansion of their business. At HISPASAT, we have experience with these types of products and solutions, and our goal is to continue to provide satellite broadband services in North Africa.”

Aquilino Antuña, CEO of QUANTIS, assures that “HISPASAT understands emerging markets very well, and here at QUANTIS we want to lead the charge and become the commercial branch to enter these markets. This agreement is proof of our commitment.”


About HISPASAT Group

HISPASAT Group is comprised of companies that have a presence in Spain as well as in Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate HISPAMAR is based. The Group is a world leader in the distribution and broadcasting of Spanish and Portuguese content, and its satellite fleet is used by important direct-to-home television (DTH) and high-definition television (HDTV) digital platforms. HISPASAT also provides satellite broadband services and other added value solutions to governments, corporations and telecommunication operators in America, Europe and North Africa. HISPASAT is one of the world's largest companies in its sector in terms of revenue, and the main communications bridge between Europe and the Americas.


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QUANTIS GLOBAL is a leading operator in satellite telecommunications, internet, voice, data and television services, as well as in maritime services for government, companies and private individuals, both in the Spanish market through QUANTIS and in the Moroccan market through NORTIS.

QUANTIS GLOBAL provides services in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, with subsidiaries in Morocco, Ivory Coast and the Dominican Republic.

The Spanish telecommunications operator, created in 2009, had a turnover of 12.3 million euros in 2015 and has a staff of 70 employees, as well as more than 200 indirect job posts (installers, salespersons, maintenance and logistics technicians). 

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