Integrated Management Policy

HISPASAT ratifies its firm commitment to Excellence and continuous improvement in the provision of its services, aimed at satisfying the connection needs of people in any region through advanced satellite communications services, capable of responding, with quality, efficiency, reliability and integrating prevention into their daily work activities, to the needs and expectations of their interest groups.

HISPASAT, aware of the commitments it makes to its clients, employees and other interested parties, considers Quality, Health and Safety at Work, the Reconciliation of personal and professional life and Information Security to be priority factors in the development of its activity. Likewise, HISPASAT considers information to be an asset of fundamental importance for daily operations and establishes the necessary means to guarantee the integrity, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and traceability of the information captured, stored, processed, treated and guarded in its satellite control environment information systems. To this end, the organization has an Integrated Management System, which guarantees the achievement of the highest standards in these areas.

HISPASAT's Management System, designed to respond to the indicated commitments, is based on the following principles which should serve management as a reference framework for setting objectives and all employees as a reference framework in the development of their professional activity:

Compliance with laws and regulations applicable and other requirements subscribed to by HISPASAT.

Orientation to Models of Excellence based on people management, process management and continuous improvement.

Search for effectiveness and efficiency in the development of professional activities.

Meeting the needs, expectations and requirements of customers, employees and other interested parties.

Concern for people, the main driving force of our organization We are committed to promoting equal treatment and opportunities for all HISPASAT professionals, as a basic and transversal principle in the management of people, the means, training, awareness, consultation and participation of our employees in Quality Management, Information Security and Health and Safety, for the adequate performance of their work.

Integration of health and safety at work and the reconciliation between personal and professional life in all our activities and decisions as a fundamental element for the development of our activities.

Orientation of our preventive activities to the improvement of safety, the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks. The aim is to prevent damage and deterioration to the health of our employees.

Commitment to the protection of information assets and its supports, being prohibited the treatment of this information with different aims to the established ones.

Commitment to a high level of quality in the provision of our services. We are constantly concerned about providing quality, efficient and reliable responses to our customers' needs.

The search for territorial balance and the integration of society promoting it through the services developed.

Acting with rigour and transparency. The company will always follow the established procedures and always behave ethically and responsibly.

We ensure responsibility and initiative in our actions. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the people, recognizing and correcting errors, and having an active attitude to face the challenges of the environment.

Commitment to developing flexible and transparent relationships with our collaborators, cooperating with them in in the coordination of business activities, for an effective knowledge of the risks, the development of effective protection and prevention measures.

Commitment to the development of activities with technological leaders in the sector. The aim is to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrated Management Policy HISPASAT