Integrated Management Policy

HISPASAT confirms its strong commitment to excellence and the continuous improvement of its services which are aimed at fulfilling people’s needs to connect in any region through advanced satellite communication services. These services are capable of responding to the needs and expectations of its groups of interest with quality, effectiveness and reliability.

HISPASAT, aware of the commitments that it makes to its customers and groups of interest, considers Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security to be priorities for the development of its activity. With this aim, the organisation has an Integrated Management System that ensures achieving the highest standards in said areas. The System is based on the following principles which serve as a reference framework for all employees in the development of their professional activity:

  • Compliance with legal regulations and applicable laws, as well as other requirements adopted by HISPASAT;
  • Focus on Models of Excellence based on people management, process management and continuous improvement;
  • Quest for effectiveness and efficiency in their professional activity;
  • Meeting the needs, expectations and requirements of customers and other groups of interest.

HISPASAT has identified the following relevant groups of interest for its Integrated Management System, promoting collaboration and smooth communication among all.


We empower people as the driving force behind our organisation. We encourage the training, creation of awareness and participation of our employees in the management of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security so that they can properly carry out their work.

We undertake to integrate Prevention in all of our activities and decisions. We work to improve health and safety conditions of our employees as a fundamental element for the development of our activities.

We ensure the development of preventive activity intended to avoid risks, and determining preventive measures to ensure commitment to preventing damages and the deterioration of health of our employees.


We are constantly concerned with responding to the needs of our customers with quality, effectiveness and reliability, committing ourselves to offering our services with the highest level of quality.

We ensure information confidentiality, authenticity and tracking as well as resources used when providing our services.


We promote a territorial balance and the integration of society through developed services. We act with rigor and transparency, following established procedures at all times and always in an ethical and responsible manner.

We ensure responsibility and initiative in our actions, recognizing and correcting errors, and actively facing the challenges of the environment.

We ensure the availability of our infrastructure, making the necessary means and resources available to society so that we can respond to existing communication needs.


We enhance the development of flexible and transparent relationships with our collaborators.

We cooperate with our collaborators to coordinate business activities in order to truly understand risks and develop effective protection and prevention measures.

We work with the sector’s technology leaders with the aim of reaching the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrated Management Policy

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