Pedro Duque, new president of Hispasat

The Board of Directors of the Spanish satellite operator approved today his appointment to replace Jordi Hereu

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Amazonas Nexus ya está operativo: Hispasat abre una nueva era en las comunicaciones, con internet de calidad en barcos y aviones

​El Amazonas Nexus que ha entrado hoy en funcionamiento es un satélite geoestacionario de alto rendimiento orientado al mercado de movilidad aérea y marítima, que permitirá también el acceso a Internet de alta calidad en lugares tan remotos como Groenlandia o la selva amazónica.

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Hispasat and Comitas e-Health will provide telemedicine services by satellite in Latin America

They will connect remote populations with hospitals in real time to facilitate healthcare.

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Hispasat and Intelsat expand their strategic agreement to provide inflight connectivity through Amazonas Nexus

The agreement includes long-term leasing of the entire capacity of Hispasat’s new satellite in the United States and Brazil, as well as a significant capacity volume in the North Atlantic corridor.

The Amazonas Nexus was launched into space on February 6 from Cape Canaveral and will be operational this summer.

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Hispasat to distribute Travelxp thematic channel in Latin America

The high-definition channel of the world leader in specialised travel content will be broadcast from orbital position 61º West.

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Eurovision Services to offer the best European sport in Latin America via Hispasat

It will use the Lurin (Peru) teleport and Hispasat's reference orbital position in the region for the distribution of audiovisual content via satellite.

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HISPASAT presents the Amazonas Nexus at Washington Satellite 2023

The company will also present its latest advances in managed services, bridging the digital divide and forest monitoring.

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Hispasat presenta Wave OTT Plus, su nuevo servicio de vídeo para América Latina

Hispasat, el operador de comunicaciones por satélite de Redeia, presenta Wave OTT Plus, su nuevo servicio de vídeo bajo demanda para América Latina, en el marco de Andina Link 2023, feria internacional de telecomunicaciones y tecnologías convergentes, que tendrá lugar entre el 8 y el 9 de marzo de 2023 en el Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Las Américas en Cartagena de Indias (Colombia).

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HISPASAT convoca la VII Beca de estudios aeroespaciales para mujeres ingenieras

El operador fomenta el talento femenino en las áreas de ingeniería para incrementar la presencia de mujeres en el sector.

La Beca HISPASAT “Mujer Ingeniera” financia los estudios de postgrado en el ámbito aeroespacial a una alumna de Ingeniería Aeronáutica o de Telecomunicaciones.

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HISPASAT drives satellite integration in the development of 5G-6G with three new projects

TRANTOR, 5G-STARDUST and AROMA3D will facilitate the standardization of satellite usage and enable 5G to have universal deployment.

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Hispasat presents one of the great innovations of MWC2023,satellite connectivity at 100Mbs

It is promoting the first debate on communications in space in collaboration with MWCapital.

At its stand, the company demonstrates a real-life 100 Mbps satellite Internet connection to guarantee Internet access in rural areas across Spain.

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Hispasat inaugurates a new era in satellite communications with Amazonas Nexus

Amazonas Nexus is a high-performance geostationary satellite aimed at the air and maritime mobility market that will also enable high-quality Internet access in places as remote as Greenland or the Amazon rainforest.

Hispasat is the first operator in the world to offset the carbon footprint derived from the launch by planting a forest.

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Amazonas Nexus satellite launch delay

Poor weather conditions prevent the satellite from being launched at the scheduled time.

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Amazonas Nexus is launched this Sunday from the Cape Canaveral Space Force station

The new HISPASAT satellite will be launched into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher.

Amazonas Nexus is a high-performance geostationary satellite that will enable high-quality Internet access in places as remote as Greenland or the Amazon rainforest.

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The Amazonas Nexus satellite arrives at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

HISPASAT’s new satellite has passed all the tests during the construction process and is now at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Amazonas Nexus is expected to be sent into orbit in February.

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