Television signal reception

Digital satellite TV offers high quality services, with great image resolution (HD, 3DTV, UHDTV), advanced digital multichannel audio formats, subtitles and interactivity, among other features.

For television reception via Hispasat, a parabolic antenna oriented toward its satellites is needed (30º West or 61º West) and receiving equipment. The received demodulates the digital television signal and decodes it so that it can be seen on the television screen.

Individual satellite reception

In order to receive signal from Hispasat individually, the following is needed:

  • A fixed parabolic antenna.
  • A universal Low Noise Block (LNB) located on the antenna.
  • The cable.
  • An external satellite receiver known as STB (Set-Top Box). This can be connected to an analogue television as well as to an integrated digital television.

Collective satellite reception

For collective systems and future services, the use of a Universal LNB with four output signals (Quatro Universal LNB) is recommended. These four signals can simultaneously provide all polarizations and frequency bands: low vertical band, high vertical band, high horizontal band and low horizontal band. Normally just one of these plugs of the Quatro Universal LNB outputs is needed for distribution to all households through the distribution network.

An additional element is needed, called “head-end” which distributes the television signal to each of the households.

Antenna diameter maps

HISPASAT satellites are designed for the provision of DTH (Direct to Home) high capacity and high performance, thus reducing the cost of user equipment. Depending on the geographic area and of the satellite used for the service, the size of the antenna and the pointing parameters will vary.

This is a general analysis, for more information contact the Client Engineering for space capacity team (

Download Antenna diameters Europe

Download Antenna diameters America

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HISPASAT satelini anteny-Europa CESKA REPUBLIKA.pdf

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