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Audiovisual market

HISPASAT is leader in the distribution and broadcast of television to the Spanish and Portuguese markets. More than thirty million homes receive television and radio content that is disseminated via the HISPASAT Group´s services, with excellent coverage on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America.

HISPASAT offers more than 1,200 television and radio channels on both sides of the Atlantic, of which more than 200 are broadcast live.

On the Iberian Peninsula

The HISPASAT satellites, located at the 30ºW orbital position, were designed to offer high quality services in Spain and Portugal.

More than three million homes on the Iberian Peninsula receive television via the HISPASAT satellites. Currently, the three DTH platforms that operate on the Iberian Peninsula are broadcast via our satellites: Digital+ in Spain and ZON TV and MEO in Portugal.

At the same time, HISPASAT satellites complement the terrestrial infrastructure of Spain´s Digital Television network. The signal to terrestrial repeaters that allows broadcast and coverage of white spots or (zero coverage zones) through DTH dissemination is distributed via the satellite.

In America

HISPASAT leads in the distribution of television programs to Latin America. Millions of homes receive the television signal thanks to our satellites, in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia, aside from the United States and Canada. The DTH platforms of Claro TV, Telefónica and Oi are sent to all of Latin America via our Amazonas satellites positioned at 61º W.

Furthermore, HISPASAT satellites, with quality coverage on both sides of the Atlantic, allow the broadcast and distribution of audiovisual content between Europe and America.

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