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Project Engines

HISPASAT is participating in the ENGINES project, whose main goal is to develop and validate technologies for broadcasting content, and their implementation in mobile terminals via the DVB_NGH (Digital Video Broadcasting – Next Generation Handheld) standard. The ENGINES project has obtained the prestigious European Celtic seal.

HISPASAT’s participation in ENGINES will allow it to contribute to the project’s main goals:

  • Setting up networks for mobile devices, making it possible for the national industry to respond to the technological challenges arising.
  • Definition of satellite-ground hybrid networks for service to portable terminals.
  • Analysis of standard second-generation technical viability, which will allow for the optimisation of bandwidth to provide services of added value and content of greater quality.

The technological and operational novelty of this project lies in innovating key aspects for digital television radio-broadcasting, such as new ways of transmitting the signal to mobile devices, both from ground networks and from hybrid satellite networks, with evolution in the DVB-T standard, so as to be able to offer new services, such as ground digital television high-definition channels, with greater robustness and flexibility.

ENGINES is led by Abertis Telecom, and along with HISPASAT, participating partners are UPV, Mier, Integrasys, Funitec, the University of Basque Country and AICIA.

Project Engines

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