Direct-to-Home Broadcasting (DTH) services enable television and radio channels to be received directly from satellites to home antennas. Satellite DTH ensures robust and reliable communications when it comes to delivering audiovisual TV platform content to end users more efficiently.

Hispasat 's satellites offer coverage over the entire region, which allows the company to bring television services to 100% of the population in a simple and efficient manner. Hispasat distributes major DTH platforms in its areas of interest and has around 4.1 million DTH users, broadcasting 1,092 channels from the 30º, 55º and 61º West orbital positions. HISPASAT also has a successful history backed by the high-quality roll out of DTH solutions for the leading television platforms in Portugal and Latin America.

Hispasat's value proposition in the DTH market:

  • The leader in the distribution of audiovisual content in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • More than 1,155 TV channels broadcast on DTH platforms.
  • Main orbital position in distributing contents in Latin America.
  • More than 4 million antennas pointed to Hispasat's satellites.