Hispasat has designed a resilient hybrid solution that combines the best features from the GEO and LEO orbits with smart, centralized network administration using the most advanced SD-WAN technology. The solution also includes continual network monitoring and 24/7 specialized technical support.


  • Stable, secure and redundant communications.
  • Improved network performance: resource optimization based on each case of use.
  • Flexibility and scalability: tailor-made services adapted to customer needs.
  • Operational simplification with flexible and efficient centralized management.
  • Constant monitoring.
  • 24/7 support with highly qualified satellite communications personnel.

Usage Options:

Hispasat’s Multiorbit solution enables personalized traffic management in the most appropriate orbit.

  • BASIC solution: classification by VLANs or user groups.
  • ADVANCED solution: in addition to the options included in the Basic solution, it is possible to assign the most appropriate orbit by application type and by the critical nature of the traffic.

Sales Conditions:

Custom-made projects.