Amazonas 3

This HISPASAT satellite is located at the 61º orbital position and was launched into space on February 7, 2013. The Amazonas 3, built by Space Systems/Loral, will replace the Amazonas 1 satellite at the end of its lifespan and has 33 transponders in Ku band, 19 in C band and 9 spot beams in Ka band.

Amazonas 3 is the first satellite that provides Ka band to Latin America, which enables it to offer advanced, broadband services that respond to the increasing demand for Internet access solutions and the deployment of initiatives of universalization to difficult to access areas. With this new satellite, HISPASAT maintains its privileged leadership position in Brazil and Latin America as well as reinforces its position in the United States.

Technical specifications

Description Amazonas 3
Orbital position and coverage 61º West
Transponders 63 transponders
(9 for users and 4 for Gateway in Ka band, 33 in Ku band, 19 in C band)
Bandwidth 54 MHz (Ku and C) y 36 MHz (Ku and C)
Nº of antennas 6 (4 deployed)
Onboard processor -
Dry mass 2819 kg
Launch mass > 6,2 Tonnes
Payload power 11,2 kW
Available power > 14,0 kW
Lifespan 15 years
Manufacturer Space Systems Loral
Launcher Arianespace
Ariane 5 ECA


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