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Welcome to the career center at HISPASAT, S.A. If you are interested in working for a solid company in constant growth, you´ve come to the right place.

For HISPASAT, this site is an opportunity to identify high potential professionals and for you as a means of forming part of our career market and of getting to know us, while demonstrating and make use of your know-how and professional capabilities.

If you qualify for and fit the positions required by our company, do not hesitate; we will contact you.

Professional Practices and Selection Processes

HISPASAT also offers the possibility of participating in professional practice (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), as well as different selection processes.

Degree required for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Grants:

  1. Upper University Degree (Engineering: Telecommunications, Aeronautic, Informatics...)
  2. Languages: English: advanced spoken and written level.

Degree required for the Selection Process:

  1. Upper University Degree (Engineering: Telecommunications, Aeronautic, Informatics...)
  2. Good academic record.
  3. Advanced level of English.

To opt for these positions, complete the form.

HISPASAT keeps an updated CV database. Each CV is entered into the database, organised based on qualification and experience characteristics, and is identified by a series of initials. The first phase of the process, a CV-based selection, is therefore anonymous. HISPASAT thus ensures gender confidentiality in the most decisive phase of the selection process.

Apunta tu carrera a HISPASAT

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(*) HISPASAT recommends that electronic mail does not identify you with words that relate to gender characteristics, for example a proper name. This will help to ensure gender confidentiality at this stage of the selection process


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