HISPASAT continues to move towards Corporate Social Responsibility in line with its goal to achieve business excellence.

The company views sustainability as the ability to produce social and environmental well-being in its surroundings, generate economic value and maintain leadership as one of the key factors supporting satellite operations around the world.

In the last years, HISPASAT has listed its indicators, written its first CSR report, which corresponded to the year 2014, and carried out the action plan approved by the Board of Directors in December 2014. HISPASAT has thus taken on social responsibility as a key element in business management and one that is present in strategic and operational decisions for the business.

This plan included 14 actions aimed at identifying company strengths and areas for improvement. It established the starting point from which HISPASAT defined its CSR policy and strategic aims of the social action plan, which were approved by Board of Directors.

By having a CSR policy, the company reaffirms its commitment to carrying out its activity in a sustainable way, promoting the continued improvement of the organisation with this goal in mind and providing services that generate added value for clients and shareholders, as well as for other interest groups, suppliers, employees, and the community.

A new Action Plan is set for the next two years, with the goal of continuing to advance towards business excellence through the commitments acquired in the three areas defined in the CSR Policy approved last year. It consists of three main pillars.

The first is responsible and ethical financial business management. Work will be done to promote transparency, guarantee the quality of services for our clients, ensure efficient management, promote compliance with the Ethics Code as well as R&D projects with added value for society.

The goals of this plan will revolve around responsible financial management, the development of people, and respect for the environment, working both internally and externally.

The second pillar consists of achieving the development of people and the community. Therefore, measures will be studied to ensure equal opportunities and respect for human rights, which will strengthen HISPASAT’s commitment to the community and improve communication with interest groups.

The last pillar will consist of respect for the environment. The environmental impacts of the company’s activity will be assessed and possible actions to minimise them will be considered. Moreover, energy efficiency at our facilities will be improved and proper waste management will be optimised.

We have identified different actions to be developed in these three areas for this year, with both an internal and external focus. We will work on improving communication on CSR, both on the web and on the Intranet, as well as on actions to create awareness for issues of equality, ethics and sustainability, and a corporate volunteering plan will be jointly designed. Measures will be taken to improve the efficient use of resources, such as water and energy. Moreover, HISPASAT will participate in initiatives to promote technical careers for women at schools and will adhere to the United Nations Global Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility, with a commitment to spreading the Sustainable Development Goals. This plan continues in 2017 with new actions that will add to the ones now being initiated.