HISPASAT promotes the talent of people, regardless of their gender. To do so, the company has introduced different measures:

- The HISPASAT Ethics Code explicitly promotes the development of a culture of respect, equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities in the company, which does not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnic or cultural background, disability or any other grounds.

- HISPASAT keeps an updated CV database. Each CV is entered into the database based on qualifications and experience, and is identified by a series of initials. The first phase of the selection process, a CV-based selection, is therefore anonymous, without knowledge of the applicant’s identity. Thus, HISPASAT ensures gender confidentiality in a fundamental phase of the selection process.

- HISPASAT supports the equal internal promotion of women and men, having neutral systems of salary review and promotion which aim to provide completely equal terms for men and women.

- HISPASAT defines job positions according to technical, professional and training competences, regardless of gender.

- HISPASAT promotes and encourages initiatives that foster technical careers for women through collaboration with other players. In 2016, a workshop was organised in the Control Centre with the “Mujeres TECH” association, in which 30 girls participated.

- HISPASAT is planning to award an annual scholarship to a woman through a graduate programme in the field of technology, mainly aimed at the aerospace sector. These two initiatives aim to contribute to increasing the presence of women in the technical professions needed in satellite companies, with the aim of establishing balanced gender representation in the workforce for the middle and long term.

- HISPASAT has a training policy that upholds standards of equality, encouraging equal participation in internal, subsidized training for all people.

- HISPASAT offers social benefits such as a flexible pay system, medical insurance for employees and family members, life insurance, and insurance for orphans, as well as projects with other benefits, such as working away from the office on “smart days”. All this promotes a better quality of life and work-life balance that helps both men and women.

- HISPASAT’s recruitment policy is loosely defined and is not based on gender, and the same is true of its wage policy, which is calculated using established salary levels that depend on the added value that the positions bring to the organisation, as well as on market surveys (HighTech, by TW), and not on the individuals who hold them.

A space for equality