Triple-balanced structure: economic, environmental and social

At HISPASAT, we are committed to offering services in a way that creates added value for both our clients and our shareholders, as well as for the rest of the interest groups with whom we are connected: suppliers, employees, community, etc.

We develop this commitment by considering social responsibility to be a key element to our business management and a factor present in the strategic and operational decisions made with regard to our business. Under this philosophy, we seek to carry out our activity in a sustainable way and to promote the organisation’s continuous improvement in moving towards this goal.

We view sustainability as the ability to produce social and environmental wellbeing in our surroundings, while in turn generating economic value and maintaining our leadership as a Spanish satellite operator.

Our commitment:

  • Responsible and ethical financial business management:
    • To ensure efficient financial management in order to create value for our shareholders and indirect wealth for the community.
    • To guarantee transparency, business ethics and respect for the law for all workers at HISPASAT through compliance with the guidelines established in our Ethics Code.
    • To encourage the implementation of good corporate governance practices.
    • To promote innovation and development projects for new information technology at the service of our clients, which also provides an added value for society.
    • To continue providing quality services in accordance with our clients’ demands.
  • Respect for the environment:
    • To comply with the environmental legislation in force.
    • To identify and assess environmental impacts caused by our activity and define actions to minimise them.
    • To improve the energy efficiency at our facilities and reduce consumption of other resources and materials.
    • To promote proper waste management, with a focus on reduction and recovery.
    • To address sector-specific initiatives for proper management and reduction of space debris.
  • Development of people and the community:
    • To guarantee equal opportunities for all of the organisation’s workers, regardless of gender, culture or physical condition, and to promote work–family balance.
    • To respect the right of freedom of association, the right to unionise and the right to collective bargaining.
    • To promote a safe working environment and provide workers with all the necessary means to achieve one.
    • To aid in the professional development of all workers, providing them with special training, thereby developing and retaining talent within the organisation.
    • To guarantee respect for human rights, as established in both national and international legislation, rejecting forced and compulsory labour and child labour.
    • To guarantee protection of clients’ privacy.
    • To strengthen our commitment to the community, facilitating access to communications in rural areas or in areas where it is not possible to install terrestrial infrastructures, and collaborating on action plans for disasters, facilitating the satellite capacity of our fleet when these types of critical situations occur, whenever possible.
    • To promote our social action in the areas where we can provide an added value to society, such as promoting education and culture, as well as sport, healthy habits, and the integration of people with disabilities.
    • To develop the volunteering plan as a way to encourage solidarity and personal development of employees at HISPASAT.
    • To establish bidirectional and effective communication channels with our interest groups, allowing us to understand their requirements in the area of sustainability and to communicate our achievements.