Our Mission

  • To connect people in any region and be recognized leaders in the provision of advanced communication services via satellite.
  • Maintain a permanent awareness of the obligation to satisfy our customers´ needs through quality, efficiency and reliability, creating value for our shareholders and interest groups, as well as for the promotion of territorial balance, societal integration and the development of our employees.

Our Vision

  • To be leaders in satellite communications in America, Spain and Portugal. Develop a solid position in Europe from the East, Middle East and North Africa that ensures us a place among the top five companies of worldwide satellite communications.
  • To be a leader in providing innovative products and services that ensures our profitability and growth and enables us to respond to the challenges and current and future needs of our customers.
Our values

Rigor and Transparency

Acting with professionalism and quality, at all times, following established procedures.

Honesty and Integrity

Offering what we can deliver. Upright and coherent behavior, avoiding any situation that may lead to a potential conflict of interest.

Responsibility and initiative

Taking responsibility for what is done or failed to do. Admitting mistakes and seeking their correction. Active attitude to face the challenges of the environment and undertake useful actions to change things.


Efforts oriented to one same result. Listening with an open attitude to the opinions of all the parties.Always taking into account of the individual contributions.Sharing information and knowledge.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Commitment to improve what is done every day and to develop innovative solutions.