Strategic aims

Within the framework of the HISPASAT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, the company has created a Social Action Plan that includes actions related to the benefits that our activity can provide for society, both in moments when there are specific needs and within the framework of long-term and sustainable projects.

HISPASAT’s Social Action Plan is structured around the following strategic aims:

  • Aid for socio-economic development:

In our current society, in which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays an essential role in the economic and social development of communities, organisations and countries, guaranteeing universal access to ICT is crucial.

Satellites are essential for making telecommunications universal, facilitating access to basic services and promoting new possibilities for economic and social development anywhere on the planet, even in areas that terrestrial networks cannot access.

HISPASAT is aware of the importance of its business in this area and seeks to collaborate in development in the following areas:

    • Responding to emergencies: HISPASAT will provide the necessary satellite capacity in emergency situations to help re-establish communications that have been destroyed by such situations. (UN)
    • Making economic contributions to entities for the development of social projects. (GAVI, Red Cross, Unicef)
    • Involving its employees: Developing corporate volunteering.
  • Promoting education, culture and sport:

New communication technologies are also closely related to new education models with specific needs in this area. Therefore, HISPASAT seeks to collaborate on the development of distance learning in the most underprivileged areas.

Satellites are the fundamental infrastructure for the spread of culture and the promotion of sporting activities, both of which are areas in which HISPASAT seeks to carry out joint projects:

    • Collaborating with universities and other technology training centres through participation in scholarship programmes, internships and awards that promote professional development for students or recent graduates in Telecommunications Engineering, or in other fields related to HISPASAT’s activity.
    • Providing professional resources for collaboration with entities by providing professional services and/or mentoring.
    • Promoting sporting events or teams that promote values such as equality, teamwork, honesty and effort.
    • Participating in cultural projects related to the field of technology.
  • Promoting the integration of people with disabilities

At 36,000 km above the Earth’s surface, satellites are a clear example of overcoming barriers and reaching areas where other technologies cannot. With this philosophy, HISPASAT seeks to participate in programmes or social events that promote the integration of people with disabilities into society, with the goal of helping them overcome their own barriers, develop their potential and realise their dreams. Therefore, HISPASAT provides aid to projects that are in line with this philosophy by financing events, such as sporting events and others, with the goal of integrating people with disabilities.