Nuevas aplicaciones

As part of the new applications’ initiatives being developed by Hispasat, the commitment to the new 5G communications standards and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been marked out as lines of particular interest.

As far as 5G is concerned, Hispasat is collaborating on different national and European-wide initiatives. Specifically, HISPASAT is taking part in the European Commission NRG5 project within the framework of Horizon 2020. Led by the Italian company, Engineering-Ingegneria Informática SPA, this project is being developed by a consortium of 20 European organisations, among which Thales and British Telecom, as well Pierre and Marie Curie University research centres (France) particularly stand out. Its main goal is to improve the energy management efficiency by using 5G environment features. A beginning was made in 2017 to describe the use cases to be verified in the project and to define the architecture system.

Two initiatives in the field of 5G were also submitted to the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop this technology for satellites, one for mobility and another for fixed environments; both have already reached a second final proposal phase for acceptance and development.

With respect to the IoT, Hispasat is working with the manufacturer hiSky to offer affordable voice and data services together with low capacity IoT. By using a small size, flat antenna with phased-array technology developed by hiSky, these types of services can be provided to homes in remote areas and for mobile resources, such as ships, trains and connected cars.