Satellite Triple Play

During 2017, HISPASAT continued work on developing technology to allow their clients to maintain a complete package of Internet, telephone and television services in all potential business areas, including those which do not have proper land infrastructure. The driving idea behind this is to enable HISPASAT to offer a competitor-distinguishing service to all its clients, both for direct-to-home ones as well as for those who provide internet access, while at the same time promoting the services of those operators that transmit with HISPASAT.

Accordingly, in 2017 HISPASAT signed a collaboration and development agreement with one of the biggest antenna manufacturers in the world with a view to implementing the hybrid Ka/Ku video and data solution, in turn based on a solution that uses dual reflectors on both frequency bands. Development work has now been completed which has already resulted in a new product, albeit as yet in its prototype version. Final product testing and the commercial launch of the product are planned for 2018.