V HISPASAT Satellite Innovation Days continue to grow in ambition and attraction

27th July 2017

Seven events are scheduled for this year, six of which have already successfully taken place in Milan, Rabat, Mexico City, London, Rio de Janeiro and Cartagena de Indias

30 March marked the beginning of the fifth edition of HISPASAT Satellite Innovation Days, which now features events in seven different countries: Milan (30 March), Rabat (20 April), Mexico City (22 May), London (1 June), Rio de Janeiro (13 June), Cartagena de Indias (22 August) and Buenos Aires (24 October).

Leading actors in the satellite, telecommunications and audiovisual sector will be discussing the present and future of the industry at these events, while also identifying key factors for innovation and market growth.

This year's sessions are focused on how innovation is impacting on the two main areas of the satellite market: the evolution of audiovisual services and the disruption of data services.

In the former of these two areas, the video market is developing at great speed to meet consumer and technological development needs. Special attention is being paid at Innovation Days to the boom in UHDTV, the possibilities provided by the application of hybrid services and the future prospects in distribution and contribution via satellite.

As far as the data market is concerned, major changes are currently taking place due to innovation in terrestrial segment and satellite technologies. New market and application verticals are emerging in this context. The analysis of these trends at Innovation Days focuses on the use of High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as residential broadband accelerators via satellite, the importance of satellite backhaul, the unstoppable rise of mobile connection services and the technological challenges they raise, the emergence of new satellite opportunities thanks to improvements in the terrestrial segment, the role of satellites in reducing the digital gap (particularly highlighting the role of HISPASAT in Latin America) and the breaking onto to scene of the aforementioned new verticals (IoT, connected cars, etc.).

Innovation Days were attended by noteworthy representatives of companies such as: BT, Gilat, Globecast, Dish, Elara, Advantech, iDirect, Newtec, Telespazio, Aicox, Quantis, Advantech, RAI, Hughes, Fox, Mediaset, Nagravision, Sky, Sony, Spacenet, Technicolor and Telefónica.