“Colombia is a country that has an important strategic position”

1st February 2018

Leonardo Domínguez, Country Manager Colombia & Sales SA North Cone, analyses Hispasat’s position in Colombia, where the operator has had a subsidiary since the year 2013.

Why did Hispasat choose a country like Colombia to establish an office?

Colombia is a country that has an important strategic position for Hispasat in the Andean region and it is very secure for investors in the legal sense, since its economy is growing and its telecommunication infrastructure is substantially developed and modernised. Thanks to this, Hispasat and its satellite fleet can help bridge the digital gap that persists in the country.

What has the evolution of Hispasat been like in a country like Colombia?

Since its start more than 25 years ago, Hispasat has offered its satellite telecommunication services throughout all of Latin America and has increased its presence in the region thanks to Hispamar, its Brazilian subsidiary, and the creation of the Hispasat Colombia office in 2013, which was possible through a grant provided by the Colombian government to promote digital inclusion. In this way, Hispasat provides satellite capacity to nearly 700 Kioscos Vive Digital (Live Digital Kiosks) throughout the Colombian territory.

What does the Kioscos Vive Digital government programme entail?

Kioscos Vive Digital is based on the need to provide satellite connectivity to rural areas of Colombia, where no possible connection exists. It helps close the digital gap in Colombia and successfully connects those who are not connected. Hispasat, thanks to the excellent services of its satellite fleet over Colombia, offers affordable prices adapted to the needs of these rural areas.

What does a country like Colombia offer to bridge this digital gap and promote the connectivity of all, “connecting those who are not connected”?

Indeed, the Colombian government is highly involved in “connecting those who are not connected”. That is why two programmes have been implemented, the aforementioned Kioscos Vive Digital and the Zonas Wi-Fi Gratis (Free Wi-Fi Areas) for everyone. At Hispasat, we are very proud to be able to participate in these types of projects along with the Colombian Administration and thus provide all Colombian citizens with access to satellite connectivity.

What will Colombia be like in the coming years regarding the digital gap?

Colombia is a country that must grow in the coming years to close its digital gap in two important business parameters related to the development of communication infrastructure. One parameter is the satellite cellular backhaul services in order to be able to deploy 3G and 4G mobile networks more quickly. The other parameter is the extension of residential broadband to bring satellite Internet service to Colombia’s entire population, since currently only half of the population has Internet access.

Let’s talk about Hispasat. What short-term and long-term projects does Hispasat have in the region?

Hispasat is among the top 10 satellite operators around the world and one of the main operators in Latin America. For this reason, we want to consolidate our presence in markets where we are already the leading operator, and enter into other markets that are experiencing strong growth.

Likewise, at Hispasat we have made a major commitment to innovation to be at the forefront of technology and thus be able to offer better and more competitive services in the audiovisual sector and in the field of broadband, where we are working on new lines of business such as the Internet of Things, connected cars and the implementation of the new 5G mobile network.

Will Hispasat participate in some of the relevant sector events in the Andean region in 2018?

Yes, this year will once again be at ANDICOM, which will be held in August in Cartagena de Indias. Likewise, we invite all of our new clients and partners in the region to participate in the “Hispasat Satellite Innovation Days” event in Bogotá on 11 July, where we will speak about the latest trends in the Colombian market. We look forward to welcoming you.