HISPASAT and Phasor to develop an antenna to provide high speed satellite connectivity to professional vehicles

18th July 2018

HISPASAT is continuing its process of innovation and transformation, this time promoting the development of a flat antenna with electronic steering to offer telecommunications services to drivers and passengers of land-based vehicles in areas with minimal terrestrial infrastructure.

HISPASAT and PHASOR will collaborate on the development of a Ku band antenna adapted to the particular requirements of terrestrial mobility applications, based on the same core technology which is found in the commercial maritime and aeronautics solutions of the ESA(Electronic Steerable Antenna) by Phasor. Thanks to this antenna, drivers and passengers in buses, ambulances, trucks and police cars, among others, will enjoy high speed connectivity services which can include access to the internet, mobile telephones and even on-board entertainment and live television. The antenna could be available within one to two years.

After the technological development phase, HISPASAT will provide this new broadband access service in mobility environments for professional vehicles and passengers in HISPASAT's regions of influence in Spain, Portugal, North Africa and Latin America through its fleet of satellites.

Phasor's very low profile, electronic steering antenna allows effective and reliable broadband services to be offered. The antenna requires no moving parts, which allows the satellite signals to be traced electronically. The ESA may can be adapted to a specific design and can be installed without problems in any type of vehicles, which makes its use possible for aeronautics, maritime and terrestrial applications. The same technology is also perfect to provide service to traditional fixed satellite networks, high throughput satellites (HTS) and non-geosynchronous satellite networks. The modular architecture of Phasor's antenna allows for the system to be scalable to practically any use requirement, whether fixed or mobile.

With the arrival of the advanced electronic steering antenna system by Phasor, new and attractive markets will be opened for Hispasat. Together with Phasor's electronic antennas we will provide powerful mobile connectivity in markets with minimal or non-existent terrestrial infrastructure in all our zones of coverage. The versatile and scalable ESA platform by Phasor will play a vital role which will allow us to satisfy the growing demand for high speed connectivity on board of means of connected transport.