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Hispasat and Dish present ON Internet in Mexico City, their broadband satellite connectivity service

6th March 2019

ON Internet está enfocado a los mercados residencial y corporativo, con el fin de expandir el acceso a Internet a amplias zonas del país.

ON Internet is focused on residential and corporate markets, in order to spread Internet access to extensive parts of the country.

On 13 December, Hispasat and Dish organised a press conference in Mexico City to introduce the details of ON Internet, its solution to bring satellite Internet to areas with poor or no terrestrial connectivity, thus promoting socio-economic development and reducing the digital divide in the country.

To do so, HISPASAT will use the capacity of the Amazonas 5 satellite, featuring seven coverage spots over Mexico in the Ka band. Using this frequency band, together with the possibility to concentrate the satellite's power on smaller areas and the ability of HTS to reuse frequencies, directly increases the amount of information that can be transmitted, reaching higher speeds at lower connection prices.

Executives from both companies participated in the press conference before media outlets. The first to present was Santiago Ennis, Director of Wireless Internet and Marketing for DISH, who noted during his welcoming statement that “this agreement with Hispasat will allow Dish Mexico to expand its commercial Internet opportunities through the ON Satellite Network throughout Mexico, offering the possibility to connect different sectors of the population in remote and difficult to access areas using satellites. This service will benefit many people and companies”.

Lorenzo Orozco, director of Dish's Internet Division, detailed the commercial offering in depth and added that "thanks to this agreement, DISH will market satellite services through its offering, both for the residential market as well as for the business market, offering different Internet access packages with speeds that go from 2.5 Mbps up to 20 Mbps for residential users, and which reach 30 Mbps for companies".

After the first two presenters, it was Ignacio Sanchis's turn. In his presentation to the media outlets, he commented that "collaborating with DISH to bring the Internet to parts of Mexico where there's no connection or a very poor connection is a source of pride for HISPASAT. The Amazonas 5 makes the most advanced technology to access the digital world available so that Mexican citizens, regardless of their location, can benefit from the opportunities offered by the Information Society".

Upon finishing the press conference, multiple media outlets approached the presenter to interview the executives of DISH Mexico -including its CEO, José Luis Woodhouse, who was also present in the ceremony- and Hispasat, represented by Sanchis and Jorge Rodríguez, Director of Marketing. These interviews, which lasted for more than an hour, had a significant impact in Mexican and international media outlets.

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