Amazonas 3 satellite launched successfully.

February 7, 2013

· The HISPASAT Group´s new satellite, launched on an Ariane 5 ECA from French Guiana, is now in space.
· The Amazonas 3 is the first satellite to offer Ka band in Latin America.
· HISPAMAR Satélites, Brazilian affiliate of the HISPASAT Group, will be in charge of its operation.

The HISPASAT Group, at 22:36, CET, successfully launched its new satellite, the Amazonas 3, from the European Space Agency base located at Kourou (French Guiana), onboard the Ariane 5 ECA launch vehicle by the company Arianespace.

Approximately 28 minutes after the rocket´s takeoff, the separation of the Amazonas 3 satellite from the launch vehicle occurred, and ignition and deployment of its solar panels were initiated. Afterwards, the maneuvers were started to position the new satellite in its geostationary orbit where the test phase to verify its correct operation will be carried out. Once the tests are completed, in a few weeks, the satellite will be placed in its definitive geostationary orbit at the Brazilian orbital position of 61º West.

For the CEO of HISPASAT, Carlos Espinós, “this new satellite, the company´s tenth, consolidates the Group as the main communications bridge between the European and American continents. It brings a new advance with the incorporation of Ka band to provide interactive services and multimedia applications via satellite to a large number of users, and thus extend access to the majority of the population. The HISPASAT Group is the primary satellite operator to offer this possibility in Latin America. Our goal is to continue offering our clients innovative and high quality services adapted to their communications needs”.

With a 15 year lifespan, the new satellite will provide coverage to the American continent, Europe and North Africa from the Brazilian orbital position of 61º West. Operated by HISPAMAR Satélites, affiliate of the Group, the Amazonas 3 provides continuity in the services currently offered by the HISPASAT Group in the region from this position and contributes to making Internet access universal in the region, an important advance in reducing the digital gap in Latin America.

The Amazonas 3 was manufactured by Space Systems/Loral on its SSL 1300 platform. It has a launch mass of 6.2 tonnes and measures with a wingspan of more than 26 meters and a height of 8 meters. It has 52 simultaneous transponders, 33 in Ku band and 19 in C band, as well as 9 beams in Ka band and 3 beam attitude control that ensures a high degree of pointing accuracy.

With an investment of more than 200 million euros, the project included important participation by Spanish industry:
- EADS CASA: Antennas in Ku band (2 deployable and 2 fixed) and Ka band (deployable).
- Thales Alenia Space España: Transmitter beacon, IMUX in Ku and C bands and telemetry transmitters in Ku band.
- RYMSA: RF filters, hybrids, RF couplers and adaptors in Ku, C and Ka bands.
- MIER: Power dividers.
- GMV: Satellite control systems from Earth and dynamic orbit.
- Indra: Satellite control ground segment.
- INSA: Canary Islands control station.


The HISPASAT Group is made up of companies with a presence in Spain as well as Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate, HISPAMAR, operates the Amazonas fleet of satellites. The Group is the leader in the diffusion and distribution of content in Spanish and Portuguese, including the transmission of important digital Direct-To-Home (DTH) and High Definition Television (HDTV) platforms. HISPASAT is one of the most important companies in the world in its sector by revenue and the main communications bridge between Europe and America.

HISPAMAR Satélites

HISPAMAR is the Brazilian affiliate of the HISPASAT Group. It operates in the pan-American telecommunications sector and attends not only to the Brazilian market, but also to the entire American continent, having become the benchmark operator for the region. With one of the best capacities in the satellite market, HISPAMAR provides service to the main broadcasters, telecommunications operators, universities, large companies, offshore companies and governments throughout all of America.

About Arianespace

Arianespace is the world’s leading satellites launch company, providing innovation to its customers since 1980. Backed by 21 shareholders and the European Space Agency, Arianespace offers an international workforce renowned for a culture of commitment and excellence. As of 1st September 2012, 208 Ariane launches, 26 Soyuz launches (2 at the Guiana Space Center and 24 at Baikonur with Starsem) and the first launch of Vega had been performed. The company has a backlog of 19 Ariane 5, 15 Soyuz and 3 Vega launches, equal to more than three years of business.

About Space Systems/Loral

Space Systems/Loral has a long history of delivering reliable satellites and spacecraft systems for commercial and government customers around the world. As the world’s leading provider of commercial satellites, the company works closely with satellite operators to provide spacecraft for a broad range of services including television and radio distribution, digital audio radio, broadband Internet, and mobile communications. Billions of people around the world depend on SSL satellites every day.

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