During the 2014 NAB Conference, HISPASAT presented its Ultra High Definition TV channel

April 8, 2014

The company presented its new "Hispasat 4K" channel to the Central and North American markets in efforts to boost this innovative technology.

HISPASAT has held an open 4K cannel in its European coverage since last September.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite operator, presented its new Ultra High Definition (UHD) satellite TV channel for North and Central America “Hispasat 4K” at the 2014 NAB Conference in Las Vegas, which runs from April 7 to 10. The company will permanently broadcast this free-to-air channel to this region as well as provide advanced solutions for new video formats and boost this type of technology.

Ultra High Definition television -also known as 4K- increases the number of pixels on a high-definition screen four times over, thereby providing a notable improvement to image resolution. Satellite is the perfect platform for UHD services, due to its large bandwidth, which is essential for high-quality transmission of such a large amount of data this technology requires, as well as its universal coverage and high capacity.

Ignacio Sanchis, HISPASAT's Business Director, presented the channel, noting that it already offers several hours of programming. “We expect to rapidly increase the content available thanks to the agreement we have reached with High TV to broadcast via Hispasat 4K. The powerful coverage that our Amazonas 3 satellite has over the American continent allows us to broadcast with a resolution that is four times higher than conventional high definition. The channel's ultra-clear image offers users a perception of very high quality", stated Sanchis, who also explained that one of the company’s priorities for 2014 in UHD is to extend its cooperation with the manufacturers of consumer decoders. Sanchis highlighted the demonstration at the fair of the “Hispasat 4K” signal in HEVC format, with a reference decoder from the chip manufacturer ST Microelectronics.

HISPASAT is a pioneer in the development of 4K technology, with a free-to-air channel covering Europe since September of 2013, having also participated in numerous research projects aimed at improving the efficiency and speed of UHD transmissions. "HISPASAT's work in the 4K technology field is yet another step forward for the company's innovative spirit" added Sanchis. He finished by saying that "Ultra High Definition is a response to our interest in remaining at the cutting edge of technology, and ensures that the newest telecommunication technology reaches our customers as well as the rest of society in the fastest, most efficient way possible."

During the presentation, a summary including images of the new channel was provided, reflecting the varied mixture of sport, nature, and cultural offerings. Representatives of collaborating companies participating in this project were in attendance: DOLBY, HIGH TV, LG, SATCOM Digital Networks, and THOMSON Video Networks.

The technical parameters for the “Hispasat 4K” channel in North and Central America are as follows:

­   Transponder 94 - Amazonas 3 satellite

  • Reception frequency: 12,012 MHz
  • Polarization: V
  • Symbol Rate: 30 Msps
  • Modulation and FEC: DVB-S2 8PSK FEC 2/3

In upcoming months, the “Hispasat 4K” channel may be broadcast to Latin America.

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