HISPASAT presents its new developments in satellite communications at the 2014 IBC

September 10, 2014

The Spanish operator is presenting its new satellites and the progress made in the development of video distribution services through shared digital platforms.

HISPASAT's stand will demonstrate 4K satellite television using HEVC technology at 50 FPS, as well as the SAT>IP communications protocol, which transforms satellite signals for distribution to domestic IP networks in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite communications operator, will present the latest developments in both its fleet and services at its stand at the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), which will take place in Amsterdam from the 12th to the 16th September. The company has a new satellite, the Amazonas 4A, ready to expand its audiovisual service offer in the Latin-American region, and has others currently being manufactured, such as the Hispasat 1F and the AG1, which will be launched in the coming years.

Furthermore, the operator will release the recent progress made in the development of video distribution services through shared digital platforms (SDPs) rolled out in collaboration with companies such as Overon, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales and RRSAT.


Satellite demonstrations

HISPASAT will also carry out two satellite demonstrations. The first one will show the “Hispasat 4K” TV channel in Ultra High Definition (UHDTV), using HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) technology. The second demonstration will reveal the main characteristics of the SAT>IP communications protocol, the aim of which is to transport an audiovisual or data signal received by satellite to domestic IP networks.

HISPASAT is thus presenting its latest 4K technological developments at the convention, which it has already introduced in its “Hispasat 4K” television channel and openly provides through its Hispasat 1E satellite. Specifically, an end-to-end demo will take place at this 2014 IBC of the Hispasat 4K service with HEVC technology at 50 FPS, the highest frame rate ever reached. It improves the quality of previous developments and user perception, as it also includes the new Dolby AC-4 audio system. Likewise, and to show that set-top-box (STB, or user receivers) technology is now ready for 4K, the service will be received by satellite using a variety of receiving device models.

Additionally, the SAT>IP protocol demonstration will involve converting satellite signal to IP at a common reception point thanks to a small SAT>IP server, which may be located on the antenna itself (IP-LNB) or in the user’s home for domestic installations. This technology makes it possible to more efficiently offer high-quality satellite content for all screens found around the home, whilst using the building’s existing networks.


HISPASAT’s participation in the conferences

HISPASAT’s Client Engineering team have once again been selected this year to participate in the IBC conferences. They will specifically be participating in the session titled “Advanced transmission techniques for satellite and terrestrial broadcasting”, explaining the benefits of the DVB-S2X standard—which the Spanish operator has actively helped develop—on different segments of the satellite video transmission sector.

IBC Amsterdam gathers together more than 50,000 sector professionals and companies, from over 150 countries, related to the audiovisual telecommunication sector in order to present their newest and most innovative products.




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