SAT>IP Alliance launched to extend role of satellite broadcasting in multiscreen ecosystems

April 14, 2015

SAT>IP Alliance will see leading satellite operators SES and HISPASAT and manufacturers Panasonic, NAGRA, ALi Corporation, MaxLinear join forces to encourage the development and adoption of SAT>IP technology

SAT>IP technology makes it possible to distribute satellite TV services in an efficient way to any device connected to a domestic IP network

At the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas, six leading satellite operators and manufacturers announced today the formation of the SAT>IP Alliance, formalising a coalition that was initiated last year to develop compatible hardware and software for the SAT>IP technology. The SAT>IP Alliance consists of SES, HISPASAT, Panasonic, NAGRA, ALi Corporation and MaxLinear.

The innovative SAT>IP technology converts satellite signals into IP at the reception point using a small server, which may be located in the satellite dish or in the user's home, and distributing the signal to the different IP devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. This technology makes it possible to provide high-quality content via satellite more efficiently to all the screens in a home, using pre-existing networks in the building. SAT>IP is currently a European standard (CENELEC EN50585) compatible with satellite and ground networks.

The SAT>IP Alliance, which will be constituted shortly in Luxembourg as a non-profit organisation, will be in charge of setting forth SAT>IP-related strategic developments and creating working groups through its executive committee. The main aims of the Alliance will be to promote the use of the SAT>IP protocol throughout the industry, facilitate certification of new devices, and develop and improve the SAT>IP standard.

Over the past years, nearly 40 manufacturers have supported the SAT>IP standard by developing products that are compatible with its requirements. The momentum behind SAT>IP technology today has created the right conditions to form this Alliance, an open forum for all manufacturers, satellite operators, broadcasters and service providers who wish to get involved in developing and improving a key standard for the future of satellite content distribution in multiscreen ecosystems.

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