HISPASAT increases total revenue by 8.7% in 2015

February 15, 2016

o In 2015, the Spanish satellite operator reached 219.6 million euros in total revenue.

o The EBITDA margin remains over 80%, a fact that clearly shows that HISPASAT continues to be one of the most efficient and profitable satellite operators on the market.

o The operator's entrance into Morocco has opened the door to a new market and generated additional income.

Madrid, 15 February 2016.- In the business year of 2015 the Spanish satellite communications operator HISPASAT reached a figure of 219.6 million euros in total revenue, representing an 8.7% increase from the previous business year.

EBITDA reached 178.9 million euros, which translates into a 10.6% increase with respect to 2014 and represents an operating margin of 81.5%, a figure that further anchors HISPASAT's position as one of the most profitable and efficient companies in the satellite sector. The net result attributed to the HISPASAT Group parent company was 62.6 million euros (17 million more than in 2014). Another highlight of 2015 was investment, which reached 245 million euros, representing a 56.5% increase from the previous year, mainly aimed towards ongoing satellite programmes (AG1, Amazonas 5 and Hispasat 1F), as well as innovative projects both in satellites and goods and services.

Revenue from space capacity also grew, reaching 216.4 million euros; a 9.72% increase from the previous business year. HISPASAT also benefitted form the positive exchange rate, favoured by the strong dollar, which offset the sharp depreciation of the Brazilian real.

Looking at geographical areas, 34.6% of the Group's revenue from leasing space capacity comes from Europe and North Africa, while 65.4% stems from the North and South American markets.

Commercial efforts have led to further consolidation of high backlog satellite capacity contracts, which at the end of the business year reached a value equivalent to seven times the company's annual revenue.

For HISPASAT president Elena Pisonero "the strategy developed by the company in 2015 has yielded positive results and allowed it to grow. In this business year we have worked intensely and put our efforts towards the entry into new markets, such as Morocco. We have gained new orbital positions, formed alliances with other operators and renewed and expanded contracts with major clients, particularly in Latin America, in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Colombia."


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