HISPASAT sponsors the 2nd wheelchair basketball tournament

April 29, 2016

The games will be played in the San Agustín de Guadalix Municipal Pavilion, and schools from different Spanish cities will compete.

The event, in which over 50 players will take part, aims to become a point of reference in Spain.

The 2nd Hispasat Wheelchair Basketball Tournament will be held in the San Agustín de Guadalix Municipal Pavilion this Saturday. It has been organised by the Spina Bifida Association of Madrid (AMEB) in collaboration with HISPASAT and Fundación Estudiantes. Wheelchair basketball schools from Vitoria and Bilbao will take part in the tournament, along with three EstuAMEB teams (the HISPASAT, Fundación Estudiantes and AMEB association wheelchair basketball school).

This school for wheelchair basketball aims to provide a social link among the members of the team, nurturing values such as commitment, teamwork, self-improvement and solidarity, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. It seeks to be a point of reference for the overall development of the players, both in sports and in their personal lives.

This championship highlights the open-school philosophy and nation-wide scope of EstuAMEB, which aims to overcome not only individual barriers but also geographical ones. Sport is closely linked to competition and self-improvement, which the young people will be able to experience throughout the day. In any case, the aim of the event is to create an environment in which everyone can enjoy basketball and the benefits and values this team sport offers. 50 players forming five wheelchair basketball teams will take part in this second edition of the Hispasat Tournament, which aims to become a point of reference in Spain.

The event is a step further in the relationship that HISPASAT, Fundación Estudiantes and AMEB (Spina Bifida Association of Madrid) have worked to strengthen ever since the creation of Movistar Estudiantes’ first-ever school for wheelchair basketball, driven by the Spanish satellite operator within its CSR policy framework.



AMEB, the Spina Bifida Association of Madrid, was founded 40 years ago with the aim of providing care, protection and promotion in all aspects for people whose disability puts them at risk of social exclusion, especially of a physical nature. In doing so, they seek to foster action in the form of aid, education, healthcare and social and workplace inclusion, in order for those with disabilities to be able to improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of their families. In 2003, AMEB founded the School for Wheelchair Basketball, which began as an initiative with a focus on being both “pseudo-therapeutic” and just plain fun. In its current shape, the aid and commitment of all involved is of great importance, as sports allow the kids to develop balanced relationships with their peers, overcome difficulties and develop their own abilities.


HISPASAT Group is comprised of companies that have a presence in Spain as well as in Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate HISPAMAR is based. The Group is a world leader in the distribution and broadcasting of Spanish and Portuguese content, and its satellite fleet is used by important direct-to-home television (DTH) and high-definition television (HDTV) digital platforms. HISPASAT also provides satellite broadband services and other added value solutions to governments, corporations and telecommunication operators in America, Europe and North Africa. HISPASAT is one of the world’s largest companies in its sector in terms of revenue, and the main communications bridge between Europe and the Americas. As a company committed to ethics, respect for the environment and the development of people and the community, the operator has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility policy that involves social inclusion measures such as the school for wheelchair basketball.

Fundación Estudiantes.

Fundación Estudiantes was founded in the year 2000 in order to channel and give visibility to the social responsibility work of the Club Estudiantes, which was founded 68 years ago and whose slogan is “teaching people through basketball”. The Fundación has now taken the baton and carries the spirit of the club; its main objective is to create and develop projects that connect sports with disability, youth and solidarity, bringing basketball to the lives of vulnerable groups. It seeks to give visibility to those who are invisible, as well as to provide them with opportunities to play and, above all, enjoy the sport of basketball. For almost 10 years now, the Fundación has been creating, developing and promoting schools and teams for people with disabilities and, in addition, it has made Movistar Estudiantes into the largest inclusive pool of reserve players in Europe.

For more information, please contact:

AMEB: comunicacion@ameb.es

HISPASAT: comunicacion@hispasat.es

Fundación Estudiantes: eireg@clubestudiantes.com

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