HISPASAT adheres to the United Nations Global Compact

October 26, 2016

The satellite operator thus confirms its commitment to the 10 principles for corporate social responsibility in human rights, labour standards, anti-corruption and the environment.

Madrid, 26 October 2016. - Spanish satellite telecommunications operator, HISPASAT has become a partner of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact with the aim of promoting business sustainability and ethics, which is the largest voluntary social responsibility initiative in the world.

The United Nations Global Compact is an international initiative that promotes respect for the 10 universally accepted principles of conduct in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption in companies’ activities and business strategy, with the aim of ensuring that Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), established to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, are attained.

The Global Compact operates in Spain through its Spanish Network, which HISPASAT has joined together with 2,600 other entities that are already part of this initiative.

HISPASAT is thus committed to supporting and developing these principles in the context of its own activity as well as within its sphere of influence. Thus, the operator generates added value for its customers and shareholders, as well as other stakeholders with whom it interacts: suppliers, employees, communities, etc.

Elena Pisonero, President at HISPASAT says that, “being partners of the United Nations Global Compact is another step forward in the company’s commitment to social responsibility, consolidating it as a key element of business management, a part of the strategic and operational decisions of HISPASAT’s business activities. We seek to carry out our activity in an ethical and sustainable manner, promoting the organisation’s continuous improvement on the road to business excellence”.

About HISPASAT Group

HISPASAT Group is comprised of companies that have a presence in Spain as well as in Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate HISPAMAR is based. The Group is a world leader in the distribution and broadcasting of Spanish and Portuguese content, and its satellite fleet is used by important direct-to-home television (DTH) and high-definition television (HDTV) digital platforms. HISPASAT also provides satellite broadband services and other added value solutions to governments, corporations and telecommunication operators in America, Europe and North Africa. HISPASAT is one of the world's largest companies in its sector in terms of revenue, and the main communications bridge between Europe and the Americas.

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