HISPASAT will broadcast Madama Butterfly via satellite from the Teatro Real during the Theatre’s Opera Week

June 29, 2017

Giacomo Puccini's opera will be presented tomorrow at 9:30pm in many town squares, museums and cultural centres of 200 cities in Spain.

Madama Butterfly is the third production of the Teatro Real broadcast by HISPASAT in the framework of this institution’s Bicentennial celebration.

MADRID, 29 June 2017. HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite and telecommunications operator, will broadcast live tomorrow, at 9:30pm, the production of Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly from the Teatro Real in Madrid. The work, one of the most performed works on stage throughout the world, will be broadcast in high-definition and can be seen in the best image and sound conditions in town squares, museums, city halls, auditoriums, cultural centres and other institutions of more than 200 cities in Spain.

This initiative is part of the celebration of Opera Week, when different activities aimed to bring this musical genre closer to all audiences take place. In Madrid, like in previous years, three screens will be set up in the Plaza de Oriente to facilitate the viewing of the broadcast and enjoy this opera performance.

This new broadcast is the third screening that HISPASAT has done from the Teatro Real, after the broadcast of il Puritani and Othello. Once again, prestigious museums and cultural institutions all over Spain will show Madama Butterfly live, notably in The Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, The National Archaeological Museum, the National Film Library, the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the Giner de los Ríos Foundation, the student's residence and the Canal de Isabel II Foundation in Madrid; the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao; the Saint Petersburg Russian Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga; the Museum of Science of Castilla-La-Mancha in Cuenca; the Diocesan Museum of Barbastro-Monzón, in Huesca; the Niemeyer Centre in Avilés; among others.

The broadcast of this opera via satellite forms part of the collaboration agreement signed between HISPASAT and the Teatro Real in November 2015 for the theatre’s 200th anniversary. The agreement sets forth the space capacity provided by the satellite operator which is needed for the live satellite broadcast of several shows that the theatre will offer for this celebration.

The agreement falls within HISPASAT’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and its commitment to supporting the spread of cultural initiatives of Spain’s institutions. Through this collaboration, HISPASAT enables the Teatro Real to open up to the public, thus allowing its productions to go beyond its stage and reach other audiences in different parts of Spain and the world. In this way, the theatre’s artistic offering benefits from satellite technology to overcome physical barriers and bring opera to the streets, making it accessible to a significantly higher number of people.


Madama Butterfly, composed by Giacomo Puccini, narrates the tragic story of the geisha Cio Cio San, better known as Madama Butterfly, marked by the harsh struggle between two irreconcilable civilisations. Mario Gas's staging sets the story in a film set in the 1930's and offers three simultaneous perspectives through which this moving drama can be lived: the opera itself, its filming and its black and white reproduction on a large screen.


HISPASAT is comprised of companies that have a presence in Spain as well as in Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate HISPAMAR is based. HISPASAT is a world leader in the distribution and broadcasting of Spanish and Portuguese content, and its satellite fleet is used by important direct-to-home television (DTH) and high-definition television (HDTV) digital platforms. HISPASAT also provides satellite broadband services and other added value solutions to governments, corporations and telecommunication operators in America, Europe and North Africa. HISPASAT is one of the world's largest companies in its sector in terms of revenue, and the main communications bridge between Europe and the Americas.HISPASAT está constituido por empresas con presencia tanto en España como en Latinoamérica, donde se ubica su filial brasileña HISPAMAR. HISPASAT es líder en la difusión y distribución de contenidos en español y portugués, incluida la transmisión de importantes plataformas digitales de Televisión Directa al Hogar (DTH) y Televisión de Alta Definición (TVAD). HISPASAT provee también servicios de banda ancha por satélite y otras soluciones de valor añadido a gobiernos, corporaciones y operadores de telecomunicaciones en América, Europa y el norte de África. HISPASAT es una de las principales compañías del mundo por ingresos en su sector y el principal puente de comunicaciones entre Europa y América.

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