Finalists of the HISPASAT 4K International Short Film Festival have been announced

September 29, 2017

16 short films, shot and post-produced in 4K format, have been selected as finalists in the third edition of the competition.

The six winning films will be announced during the closing ceremony which is set to take place on 19 October at the Círculo de Bellas Artes arts centre in Madrid.

The Maus, directed by Yayo Herrero, one of the first movies directed and post-produced in 4K, will be premiered in Madrid as part of the Festival activities.

Madrid, 29 September 2017.- Finalists of the third edition of the HISPASAT 4K International Short Film Festival, one of the first contests in the world to exclusively feature short films shot and post-produced in 4K format, have been recently announced. The sixteen films that have been selected as finalists are:

  • ÁNGEL CAÍDO, by Fran Parra (Spain, 2017, 17’00’’)
  • APOLO 81, by Óscar Bernàcer (Spain, 2015, 11’45’’)
  • BARAKA, by Néstor Ruiz Medina (Spain, 2016, 22’06’’)
  • BEHIND, by Ángel Gómez (Spain, 2016, 15’00’’)
  • COLD STORAGE, by Thomas Freundlich (Finland, 2016, 08’46’’)
  • CONSERVAS, by Mireia Pozo (Spain, 2017, 15’37’’)
  • EJECUTOR, by Javier Arriaga (Spain, 2017, 09’23’’)
  • GRAFITTI, by Lluis Quilez Sala (Spain, 2016, 25’)
  • INSUFICIENTE, by Álex Montoya (Spain, 2017, 04’21’’)
  • LA SIERRA, by Guillermo Alcalá-Santaella (Spain, 2017, 14’58’’)
  • LAS VACAS DE WISCONSIN, by Sara Traba (Spain, 2016, 15’00’’)
  • LES BONES NENES, by Clara Roquet (Spain, 2017, 16’47’’)
  • NORMAL, by Chiqui Carabante (Spain, 2016, 17’21’’)
  • PALABRAS DE CARAMELO, by Juan Antonio Moreno Amador (Spain, 2016, 20’00’’)
  • SESGO, by Marc Font (Spain, 2017, 15’30’’)
  • SIBERIA, by Óscar Burgos (Spain, 2016, 11’12’’)

A total of 127 short films from 17 different countries were submitted to the third edition of this pioneering contest, which is nearly 26% more than in 2016. This confirms the progressive increase of content in 4K format and the spread of this technology. The call was open to films produced as of 1 January 2015, in any country and in any genre, with a maximum duration of 25 minutes and that had been shot and post-produced in 4K format.

The jury responsible for determining the winners of this third edition is made up of Actress Marian Álvarez (Golden Leopard for Best Actress at the Locarno Festival for her role in Lo mejor de mí, Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Film Festival for her role in La herida), Director and Playwright Juan Cavestany (Esa sensación, Gente en sitios, Dispongo de barcos, 2008 Max Award for best author for the Spanish language script of Urtain), Actress Nathalie Poza (El otro lado de la cama, Julieta, Silver Biznaga for Best Leading Actress in the latest edition of the Malaga Film Festival for No quiero decir adiós), Jesús Ulled (Director of CINE365 Film), Guillermo Niño (Senior Manager of Broadcast, OTT and Home Video at Dolby Laboratories), Edith Martínez Odriozola (Director of the Department of Culture and Society at TVE), Miguel Ángel Doncel (CEO of SGO), Santiago Sanz (Business Manager of Optical Devices at Fujifilm Spain) and Javier Valdés (founding partner of Ad Hoc Studios). Ignacio Sanchis (Business Director at HISPASAT) will act as president of the jury.

The sixteen finalists will compete for the following prizes in these categories:

  • CINE365 FILM AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR: Opportunity to direct a feature film.
  • DOLBY/ADHOC AWARD FOR BEST SOUND: €1,000 + Dolby Atmos mastering.
  • FUJIFILM/SGO AWARD FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: €1,000 + professional photo camera.
  • RTVE AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM FROM A FILM ACADEMY: €1,000 + short film aired on the programme “Versión Española” + TV interview with the Director.
  • ATRESERIES AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM FOR TV: €1,000 + film aired and promoted on the Atreseries channel, including an interview with the Director.

On 19 October the Círculo de Bellas Artes arts centre in Madrid will host the events of the contest. Throughout the day there will be activities, including the premiere in Madrid of The Maus, Yayo Herrero's anticipated jump to full-length film after his successful career as a short film maker. Yayo Herrero won the 2014 prize from the producer Cine365, which included directing a feature film. The Maus, a fantasy-horror drama with a dark and magical atmosphere, is the result of this collaboration. The 16 short films selected as finalist for this third edition of the Hispasat 4K Festival are again competing for this prize that supports emerging talent.

Several round tables will also take place in which leading representatives from technology companies will debate with those from the world of cinema on the opportunities and challenges offered by this new Ultra High Definition standard for film production. The high point of the day will be the awards ceremony and the 4K projection of the winning short films.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite communications operator and leader in distribution of content in Spanish and Portuguese, organised this international short film festival to inspire the creation and display of audiovisual content recorded in 4K, the latest technological revolution in the audiovisual sector, in order to make it available as soon as possible to film and television viewers.

The contest is sponsored by the production house Cine365 Film, leading companies in the film production sector such as Dolby Laboratories, SGO, Fujifilm and the sound studio Ad Hoc Studios, as well as RTVE, the television channel leading the way in innovation in this technological field in Spain, and Atreseries, which given its role as distributor of audiovisual content, have joined the initiative this year.

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