HISPASAT and RTVE are to collaborate with the Spanish Film Archive (Filmoteca) to digitise the 1915 Benito Perojo classic “Clarita y Peladilla en el fútbol” in 4K

October 13, 2017

The Ultra HD digitised copy is to be shown at the ceremony for the Hispasat 4K International Short Film Festival Awards to be held on 19 October at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

This initiative seeks to support the preservation of Spanish film heritage and to improve the visual quality of the material held at the Spanish Film Archive.

Madrid, 13 October 2017.- Hispasat and RTVE have joined forces on the occasion of the Hispasat 4K International Short Film Festival Awards to collaborate with the Spanish Film Archive in the 4K digitising of a copy of the 1915 classic “Clarita y Peladilla en el fútbol” (Clarita y Peladilla at the match) directed by Benito Perojo, one of the great pioneers of our film industry. State-of-the-art technological advances, including the 4K scanner recently acquired by Spanish National TV and Radio Corporation (RTVE), have been used in the digitising process. October 19 next will see the first showing of the result at the award ceremony of what is the Festival's third edition. The event is scheduled to begin at 7.00 pm in the Cine Estudio at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

This initiative, the fruit of an agreement signed by the three entities, has been set up to contribute to the updating and preservation of Spanish film heritage and to improve the visual quality of the material kept at the Spanish Film Archive. Moreover, the new copy of this Spanish film gem is to be accompanied by a soundtrack expressly composed for the film by the composer Jorge Taramasco, who has transferred his copyright to the Spanish Film Archive.

The agreement signed includes the handing over to the National Film Archive of a copy of the winning shorts at the Hispasat 4K International Festival Awards for them to be kept there and to form part of its collection. The signatories to the agreement were further aided in their initiative by the collaboration of the software firm SGO to produce all the Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), which are the files to be handed over for safekeeping to the Film Archive.

Entry to the award ceremony and film showings is free.

Clarita y Peladilla en el fútbol

Spain / 1915 / 9.27 min.

Directed by: Benito Perojo

Written by: Benito Perojo

Cinematography: Armando Pou (B&W)

Cast: Benito Perojo, María Moreno, Pedro Zorrilla, Fernando Delgado, Paquita Torres, Alberto Romea.


Peladilla (played by Benito Perojo, the Spanish Chaplin), accompanied by his girlfriend Clarita, has an adventured-filled time attending a Real Madrid game at O'Donnell stadium.

Benito Perojo

Considered to be one of the fathers of Spanish film, his first forays into the seventh art date back to the 1910s for the Patria Film Production Company: in 1913 he made Cómo se hace un periódico (How a newspaper is made), while in 1915 he went on to create his famous imitation of the Chaplin character, a comic role that brought him great popularity and which he directed and played several times that year. Perojo then moved to France from where he did not return until 1923.

His biggest successes were: Malvaloca (1927), an adaptation of the rural drama penned by the Álvarez Quintero brothers; El negro que tenía el alma blanca (1934), based on the novel of the same name by Alberto Insúa; La verbena de la paloma (1935), a film version of the famous zarzuela; and Goyescas (1942), starring alongside the actress and singer Imperio Argentina, with whom he also worked in Argentina on films such as La maja de los cantares (1946) and Lo que fue de la Dolores (1947), which was selected to compete at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947. He returned to Spain in 1948, where he founded a production company, thus bringing an end to his work as a director. Perojo died in 1974 (Madrid).

The Hispasat 4K International Short Film Festival is one of the first in the world to be solely dedicated to shorts filmed and post-produced in 4K.

HISPASAT, the Spanish-based communications satellite operator and undisputed leader in the distribution of Spanish and Portuguese content organises this event to encourage the creation and exhibition of audio-visual content recorded in 4K, the latest technological revolution in the sector, and to make it available as quickly as possible to film and TV audiences alike.

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