HISPASAT will broadcast the carriage driving show of Ronda (Málaga) in 4K via satellite

August 31, 2018

Canal Sur TV will transmit this broadcast of the XLII Exhibición de Enganches de Caballos (XLII Carriage Driving Exhibition) of Ronda (Málaga- Spain) in 4K HDR and also in HD.

This is the first transmission from TV channel of an autonomous community in 4K HDR and with HLG technology. This combination of technologies enhances the images, achieving a colour depth that is much greater than normal.

MADRID, 31 August 2018. HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite and telecommunications operator, will broadcast the XLII Exhibición de Enganches de Caballos (XLII Carriage Driving Exhibition) of Ronda (Málaga-Spain) live on Sunday, September 2nd. This transmission will be simultaneous in two formats: in 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) for the provinces of Málaga and Seville by pilot channel Canal Sur 4K; and in HD (High Definition), through DTT, for all of Andalusia through the television channel Canal Sur HD. The 4K technology multiplies the resolution of conventional High Definition by four, allowing for better sharpness and quality of the images to be offered.

The satellite broadcast of this exhibition, with more than 100 years of history, will be the first transmission by a television channel from an autonomous community made in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) and with HLG technology (Hybrid Log Gamma). This combination of technologies enables the images to be enhanced and makes the contrasts sharper, achieving a colour depth that is much greater than normal. This broadcast will become a new initiative for innovation in audio-visual technology in Spain, in which several important companies from the sector will participate.

The satellite operator HISPASAT will facilitate the space capacity for this satellite broadcast that is pioneering on a national level. Axion is offering the DTT headend and the broadcast in 4K, EVS is contributing the recording and replay servers and Fujinon is contributing the optics for the cameras. Ontario Soluciones is participating with the 4K encoders with two mobile units, one of these 4K, and finally, Sapec is providing the integrated receivers (IRD) for the transmission in ultra-high definition (UHD)

Real Club de Enganches (Royal Carriage Driving Club)

The Real Club de Enganches (Royal Carriage Driving Club) of Andalusia organises this exhibition of Carriage driving of Ronda in collaboration with the Real Maestranza de Caballería (Royal Cavalry Order) and with the City Hall of Ronda, which this year celebrates its 42nd edition. The show will be held in two parts: starting at 9:45 AM, all the driving teams will be on display for the public in the streets, providing an opportunity to see the carriages, harnesses, horses, coachmen and footmen up-close. At 11:30 AM the driving teams will perform the exercises one by one. The judges will score them, evaluating aspects relating to the quality of construction, conservation, horses, ironwork or ways of dressing suitable for the type of driving, as well as those referring to the performance in the exercises.

The carriages, having different patterns, are vintage coaches that are one of a kind in the world and are especially restored for this use, which is performed especially unique to Andalusia for riding during fairs, competitions and holiday events. Thanks to those carriages, professions have been recovered such as coach builders, blacksmiths, lamplighters, upholsterers, saddlers and coachmen, which were starting to be lost, creating a significant number of job positions. The horses, the majority pure Spanish-bred, were trained in Classical Dressage, one of the main objectives of the Riding School of the Real Maestranza de Caballería (Royal Cavalry Order) of Ronda, together with the preparation of professional training for future riders and riding teachers.

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