Hispasat and Wibo to provide satellite connectivity services in Mexico

March 26, 2019

The two companies have reached an agreement to connect remote areas in Mexico using the Ka band for the next three years.

Users will have a catalogue of services tailored to their different needs and budgets.

With this agreement the Spanish operator is taking another step towards extending connectivity in Mexico with its Amazonas 5 satellite.

Madrid, 26 March 2019 The satellite operator, HISPASAT, has reached an agreement with the Mexican telecommunications company Wibo to offer broadband satellite and IP phone services for the next three years to extend connectivity in Mexico, especially in the areas of the country where communications are of poor quality or non-existent, as happens in many rural areas and in the regions far removed from the large cities.

Many citizens and small companies in the towns that suffer from being digital disconnected will now be able to enjoy the benefits that the information society offers and access the global network. These days connectivity is a basic requirement for economic and social development and satellites are the best infrastructure to provide communications to regions where terrestrial networks do not reach.

The satellite chosen for this project is HISPASAT's Amazonas 5. This HTS (High-Throughput Satellite) will provide high quality connectivity and IP voice services in the Ka band at a low cost for users. These services will be managed from HISPASAT's teleport in Ixtlahuaca de Rayón (State of Mexico).

In order to provide Internet access to the greatest number of Mexicans possible, Wibo has defined different service and price packages which are tailored to the different needs and budgets of all users. The solution offers users a wide catalogue of products without the need to sign up for a specific defined period.

Renewal of the Ku Band Services from the Amazonas 3

Both companies have also recently renewed the satellite services contract in the Ku band from the Amazonas 3 satellite for a duration of 3 years. These services will continue to be operated from Wibo's teleport located in Aguascalientes (Mexico).

The two technological options form a great tool to help companies that work in the most isolated parts of the country to develop and grow, while also helping agricultural, mining and petroleum companies, among many others.

About Wibo

Wibo is a registered brand of Starsatel S.A. de C.V., a fully Mexican owned company. Wibo is the authorised public concessionaire of a Public Telecommunications Network with the principal goal of providing the high-quality, low-cost telecommunications services allowing the most remote rural communities to access all the basic telecommunications services. Wibo is a pioneer in offering telephone and direct-to-home Internet services in more than 1,500 remote rural communities, located in 28 states of the country, forming the most representative network of satellite telecommunications services oriented to end users and small businesses.

Acerca de HISPASAT

HISPASAT está constituido por empresas con presencia tanto en España como en Latinoamérica, donde se ubica su filial brasileña HISPAMAR. HISPASAT es líder en la difusión y distribución de contenidos audiovisuales en español y portugués, incluida la transmisión de importantes plataformas digitales de Televisión Directa al Hogar (DTH) y Televisión de Alta Definición (TVAD). HISPASAT provee también servicios de banda ancha y conectividad por satélite que incluyen acceso a Internet, movilidad y extensión de redes de celulares, así como otras soluciones de valor añadido a gobiernos, corporaciones y operadores de telecomunicaciones en América, Europa y el norte de África. HISPASAT es una de las principales compañías del mundo por ingresos en su sector y el principal puente de comunicaciones entre Europa y América.

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