HISPASAT reassert its support for inclusive basketball together with the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida

May 27, 2020

• For the fifth consecutive season, the operator has renewed its sponsorship of ESTUAMEB, the wheelchair basketball school promoted by these three organisations.

• This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy in its commitment to the integration and development of its athletes.

MADRID, 27 May 2020. HISPASAT, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator, has renewed its support for inclusive basketball for the fifth consecutive year, helping to consolidate the ESTUAMEB wheelchair basketball school, promoted by the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida (AMEB - Madrid Spina Bifida Association) and sponsored by HISPASAT.

This school offers young children and adolescents with disabilities the opportunity to practise sport, encouraging healthy habits and building connections between the team members. Playing sport also promotes values such as commitment, teamwork, overcoming adversity and solidarity. This way the school manages to improve the athletes' quality of life and promote social integration through the team sport of basketball and offers them a way to participate fully in the Movistar Estudiantes inclusive youth academy. This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability Policy and its commitment to personal and community development, in particular in the promotion of sport and social integration of people with disabilities.

HISPASAT fully shares the values of the ESTUAMEB School and its training project to help integrate people with disabilities. The company thus once again encourages its players, both boys and girls, to train passionately in order to reach their sporting goals and fully develop their skills.

Rosario Martinez, the president of Hispasat, assured that "it is an enormous source of pride for us to once again collaborate this year with the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bifida on a project with which we share both sporting values as well as its social goal, thus helping the team's players integrate into society and fully develop their abilities".

For his part, the team's captain from the outset of their journey, Antonio Rubio, expressed the players' satisfaction to be able to continue relying on HISPASAT's support and stated that "the ESTUAMEB basketball school is a pioneering project in terms of diversity, inclusion and passion for sport and as a school that instils values".

The impact of HISPASAT's action on the Sustainable Development Goals

About AMEB

AMEB, the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida (Madrid Spina Bifida Association) was founded in September 1976 with the objective of promoting, caring for and protecting people at risk of social exclusion due to their disability, especially physical disabilities. The Association promotes and improves assistance, educational, healthcare, social inclusion and employment actions so that they have a positive benefit on the quality of life of the patients and their families. In 2003, AMEB set up the Wheelchair Basketball School which started as an initiative that combined a “pseudo-therapeutic” and purely leisure focus. The commitment and care shown by all the parties has been an important part of ensuring that the school has become well established, so that young children can find sport as a means to relate with their peers, to overcome adversity and develop their own skills.

Press contact:

Laura Avellaneda -tel. +34 91 5630448 - laura.avellaneda@ameb.es

About the Fundación Estudiantes

The Fundación Estudiantes was founded in 2000 to channel and provide visibility to the Club Estudiantes' social responsibilities. The club was founded 73 years ago with the motto “training people through basketball”. The Foundation represents the spirit of the Movistar Estudiantes club. Its main objective is to create and develop projects which combine sport with disability, youth, and solidarity while bringing basketball to vulnerable groups. It aims to give visibility to those who are not visible and to provide opportunities to practise and, above all, enjoy basketball. The Foundation has been creating, developing and promoting schools and teams for people with disabilities for more than 12 years and has helped make Movistar Estudiantes the largest inclusive youth academy in Europe.

Press contact:

Eire García - t +34 618 71 64 38 - eiregarcia@clubestudiantes.com


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