HISPASAT renews its collaboration with Fundación ATRESMEDIA to broadcast the FAN3 channel for hospitalised children

January 18, 2021

• The operator will continue supporting the Humanising Children's Hospitals Programme of the Fundación ATRESMEDIA, helping to broadcast the FAN3 channel.

• FAN3 is broadcast in 165 hospitals throughout Spain with the help of HISPASAT's satellites.

• This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy in its commitment to personal and community development.

MADRID, 18 January 2021. HISPASAT, Red Eléctrica Group’s Spanish telecommunication satellite operator, has renewed its agreement with Fundación ATRESMEDIA once again this year to collaborate in providing a satellite broadcast of the FAN3 television channel, dedicated to hospitalised children. This initiative forms part of the Foundation's Humanising Children's Hospital Programme.

The satellite operator helps broadcast this channel to 165 hospitals in all of Spain's autonomous communities that currently benefit from this initiative. This way hospitalised children can have free access to 13 hours of uninterrupted commercial-free programming from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 10 pm. All the contents are supervised by the Spanish Paediatrics Association (AEP) and the Official Association of Psychologists (COP).

This channel brings together entertainment content with sections created by the Foundation itself to allow hospitalised children and teenagers to understand and become familiar with diseases and the hospital environment in a fun and friendly manner adapted to the language of younger children.

This agreement is part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy and in its commitment to personal and community development. The operator thus contributes to providing health care information for these children and improving their quality of life during their time in hospital.

The company actively participates in various initiatives that can contribute to helping people with special needs or in vulnerable situations, such as hospitalised children.

The impact of HISPASAT's action on the Sustainable Development Goals

About the Fundación ATRESMEDIA

Fundación ATRESMEDIA has worked since 2005 for children and young adults and is actively involved in their rights and supporting values and principles. Additionally, the Foundation pays special attention to hospitalised children through the Humanising Children's Hospitals Programme. The programme’s objective is to humanise hospitals with paediatric care, developing activities aimed at informing children as well as entertaining them and making them familiar with all the actors involved in paediatric hospitalisation. Since 2005 the Foundation has broadcast FAN3, the first television channel designed specifically for hospitalised children. Currently the Foundation collaborates with more than 200 paediatric centres across Spain and has implemented the Humanisation in Children’s Hospital Index (IHHI), an innovative tool that measures how warm and welcoming hospitals with paediatric care are.

Press contact:

Nuria Alonso Martínez-Losa – tel. +34 91 623 08 04 - comunicacion@fundacionatresmedia.es


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