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The high performance offered by HISPASAT allows large corporations and companies - public and private – to establish links between their different locations, making the deployment of a network which gives solution to their communication needs quickly and efficiently. Some of the major business and Government applications offered by HISPASAT allow the deployment of corporate networks, remote control for environmental management and management of resources, management of fleets and of communications solutions for unmanned flights. These networks are typically based on VSAT technologies, SCADA networks, point to point and point-multipoint links, etc...

HISPASAT satellites are being used to extend communications and the information society to rural areas, giving these areas universal access to the Internet and to telephony services via satellite. This context provides applications that allow access to education and medicine, among others, in remote regions of our planet.

In addition, our satellites allow service to be provided to high level State institutions that require high performance systems for their daily operations throughout the national territory, ensuring the reliability and high levels of availability in the communications service. In the same way, the satellite is the best way to provide communications solutions in environments where the the information exchanged is highly critical, such as safety nets and emergency networks for special forces of the Army and Navy.

It should be noted that the satellite plays an important role in the re-establishment of communications after a catastrophe, being the only communications system that ensures the continuity of service after a natural disaster affecting terrestrial communication systems.

It also allows the operation of emergency networks , since the satellite is also the fastest method to restore communications after a catastrophe.

HISPASAT, through HISDESAT Strategic Services, has developed the satellite communications program for Government use by the Spanish Ministry of Defense satellite. The program includes two satellites, the Spainsat and Xtar-Eur, also offering communications services in X and Ka bands to the governments of other countries.

With the launch of these satellites, the operational phase of the Spanish Government communications satellite program to improve autonomy and response capacity is consolidated, and advanced strategic technologies are developed and diseminated.

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