Hispasat makes this space available for installers with the goal of informing the group on the sector´s latest developments.

For years, Hispasat has performed an important training function for telecom installers, with specific courses on DTT via satellite, Internet, via satellite, advanced services and related certifications.

Also in the context of cooperation with FENITEL (National Federation of Telecom Installers) Hispasat actively participates in the Telecom Conferences organized by FENITEL each year. These conferences, during which the latest news and market trends are analyzed, are also a meeting point for the various stakeholders in the sector.

In addition, through the area of Customer Engineering of space capacity, Hispasat participates in several innovation projects with the goal of providing advanced technology solutions in the field of reception and distribution equipment of satellite services for the home. An example is SATURNO, a project intended for the development of new solutions for the distribution of TV services to the home for all user devices (tablets, smartphones, televisions) without the need to deploy additional equipment and at a reduced cost.

In addition, Hispasat leads the ICT2020 consortium, in which FENITEL also participates. This is an initiative of Spanish industry to provide services and solutions in the field of common telecommunications infrastructure. The specific objectives of ICT are to develop satellite triple play solutions and the integration of satellite services with fiber optics.