Audiovisual market

Easy DTH

HISPASAT moves up in the value chain with the goal of facilitating the launch of DTH platforms to its clients, capable of offering a turnkey service for direct broadcast to the home of content that includes, aside from the space capacity of our fleet of satellite, all the necessary elements for the production of services with these characteristics. In this way, the solution considers each of the modules required in back office, head and teleport, as shown in the following graphic:This type of solution facilitates the launch of DTH platforms in cases where the client lacks investment capacity or does not have the structure needed to implement the service from start to finish. The solution offered is a service globally managed by HISPASAT, which, in collaboration with the appropriate partners, takes on the investment needed for the platform and the on-ground equipment and guarantees service quality throughout the period of service.

This solution is easily adaptable to the specific needs of each client, given its modularity. In this sense, HISPASAT offers flexibility in implementing the solution based on the specific conditions of each case".

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