HISPASAT provides the contribution service to broadcast contents from fixed or easily transportable terrestrial stations toward central nodes to be later processed and distributed to spectators. Together with its partners, HISPASAT provides transmission services that can combine satellite technology with terrestrial technologies in order to enable a high-quality, readily available service for customers.


Temporary services refer to satellite capacity used by transportable land-based stations to contribute to the satellite for limited periods of time, usually minutes or hours, although the service can be purchased for days or months. This model allows for total flexibility to contract the service for sports, cultural events, information and any other need that requires temporary broadcasts.

HISPASAT provides its contribution services with high-quality assurances. The company features personalized, 24-hour-a-day customer service, 365 days a year, a booking service to handle reservations, continual monitoring, a highly qualified team of technicians with extensive experience in operations, and a rapid roll out of high capacity contribution networks.


We offer three space capacity marketing models for temporary services:

  • Conventional contracting: conventional contracting of temporary services based on the time used (minutes, hours, etc.).
  • Reservation by subscription: commitment for a minimum number of hours in a specific period of time (for example, contracting a specific number of hours/year).
  • Reservation by event: use of full-time capacity for a limited period of time (for example, the Olympic Games, the World Cup, etc.).


Compared to temporary space capacity services, temporary IP services represent a suitable low-cost solution for companies that manage a small volume of audiovisual contribution services or to provide coverage for events which do not require high rates of availability and service quality in order to be rebroadcast.

HISPASAT's solution offers the following major advantages:

  • It uses the Ku band, which ensures high levels of service availability and reliability in adverse conditions.
  • The user terminals are small and low cost.
  • HISPASAT offers a flexible booking service through email, telephone or its website.