Products and Solutions

Operator market

HISPASAT´s coverage footprint

The footprint of HISPASAT´s satellites covers areas where terrestrial networks are non-existent or too costly to deploy, thus limiting communications access for the people living or working there.

HISPASAT brings communications to rural or remote areas, or those whose orography make terrestrial networks impossible to deploy. Its fleet of satellites, with full terrestrial coverage from 30º West and 61º West.

HISPASAT is the best choice for providers of fixed telephony, Internet, mobile telephone networks and telecommunications operators in general to deploy their networks in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

New launches

The HISPASAT Group´s new launches has placed high powered satellites into orbit - Hispasat 1E (30ºW) and Amazonas 3 (61ºW) - which improve coverage in rural and difficult to access areas, while reinforcing HISPASAT´s presence in reference markets to offer high quality voice and data services.

HISPASAT´s new capacity is ideal for the transmission of large volumes of data, avoiding network congestion, which makes it adequate for the deployment of backbone networks and for Internet access.

HISPASAT offers the telecommunications industry

  • Basic network services
  • Backbone networks
  • Backhaul cellular services
  • Internet Access and Broadband Services

To complement space segment resources and complete the offer to its clients, HISPASAT has two teleports that allow up and down link transmissions, interconnecting client networks everywhere with HISPASAT satellites and guaranteeing access to HISPASAT broadband platforms that enable the value added services and advanced solutions to be offered.

Network Operating and Monitoring

The group has control infrastructures for the control and supervision of the satellite fleet from Earth. These control centers are responsible for the proper functioning and monitoring of the network, ensuring the quality of the services contracted with the clients and the maximum reliability of the network.

HISPASAT Control and Monitoring Centers:

  • Arganda del Rey, Madrid (Spain)
  • Maspalomas, CanaryIslands (Spain)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • Balcarce (Argentina)
  • Mexico DF (Mexico)

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