Services during the development of space programmes

Hispasat offers consulting services for the purchase of satellites that cover everything from satellite specifications to in orbit validation to design and test phases. Consulting is intended for new operators as well as those that do not have a purchasing division. The main services provided are:

  • Preparation of Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals for satellite and launch suppliers, as well as the technical review and evaluation of bids.
  • Advising during contract negotiations with satellite and launch suppliers.
  • Review of requisites, state of qualification and test results at the team, subsystem and systems levels.
  • Monitoring of the satellite integration and test phases.
  • Participation in LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) and satellite orbit tests for their subsequent acceptance.

Hispasat also offers advisory and assurance services for the space sector.

In orbit services to other operators

Hispasat´s Technical Division can also provide the following satellite operation and test services to external operators:

  • In Orbit Test (IOT) for payloads in Ku and C band frequencies.
  • Geostationary satellite operation (monitoring, control, orbital calculation, maneuvers, payload operation, nominal and contingency operation, etc.).
  • Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP), in drift phase for satellites visible from Arganda/Madrid (some restrictions on pointing and antenna speed).
  • Operation and maintenance of terrain stations and other operators.
  • Support for the identification and investigation of interference (Adjacent Satellite Interference, ASI).

After more than 20 years of operation of the different satellite platforms made by European and American manufacturers, and a ground segment distributed in four countries (Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) and two continents (Europe, America), the Operations team has extensive experience in satellite control and the operation and maintenance of ground segment. Some examples of service delivery to third parties are operating the IOT test campaign of the RASCOM-1 satellite, participation in the operation of the Xtar and Spainsat satellites and the operation and maintenance of stations and ground segment of these satellites.

The main location of Hispasat Operations in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), has allows for expansion to install additional infrastructure (ground stations, buildings) for the provision of services to other operators and is equipped with a power plant with redundant transformation systems, diesel generators and fuel tanks to provide permanent continuity of electrical supply, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure the proper functioning of all electronic systems. The possibility also exists to connect to high capacity terrestrial communication systems (FO, fibre optic in redundant ring) for the handling of signals in teleport use.

In order to reduce interference reduction that can affect satellite communication services, the Department of Traffic Management and Control (PMC) continuously monitors the satellite carriers. If an incident involving any other operator, the PMC contacts the parties involved to avoid inter-system interference. In some instances, coverage geolocation services may be used to locate the source of interference.