Satellite innovation

RedSAT advaced payload

RedSAT is an advanced payload in Ku band being developed in a close relationship between HISPASAT and the Spanish Space Industry. This advanced payload primarily consists of an active receive antenna (RedSAT DRA) with reconfigurable beams and an onboard processor (RedSAT OBP) which reconfigures the signal to transmit it meeting DVB-S2 standards. RedSAT payload is embarked on Hispasat 36W-1 satellite.


The DRA-ELSA (Electronically Steerable Antenna) is an active array working as an onboard receive antenna in the uplink Ku-band designed by Airbus Space and defense España. The antenna is accommodated on the Earth Deck of Hispasat 36W-1 satellite (based on SmallGEO platform development under ESA´s ARTES 11 programme).

The DRA-ELSA can simultaneously generate up to four fully reconfigurable independent beams. The RF architecture of this antenna, has been mainly designed to ensure specified values of G/T and linearity together with limited output power levels regardless of the pointing direction of a narrow spot beam steered all over the Earth. However, the flexibility of the antenna allows providing a wider range of beams: spot, shaped, steerable, and even beam hopping (automatic sequential beam pointing between a set of pre-defined directions). All this possibilities can be implemented independently per beam or simultaneously for all beams.


The RedSAT On-Board Processor (OBP) system is a broadband satellite multimedia communications system based on an advanced regenerative payload. The RedSAT OBP designed by Thales Alenia Space España. This regenerative payload is embarked on Hispasat 36W-1 satellite.

The RedSAT OBP system provides Internet broadband data services to its subscribers, using the DVB/MPEG2 standards as transport layer. It also provides access to terrestrial networks, mainly IP network and PSTN, through gateways.

The RedSAT OBP system includes:

  • A space segment: the On-Board Processor (OBP).
  • A ground control and management segment: the Management Station (MS) and Network Operation Center (NOC).
  • A ground traffic segment: Satellite Terminals (RCSTs) and Gateways (RSGW).

The RedSAT OBP (On-Board Processor) is inserted in the Satellite transparent. It is able to process four 36 MHz communication channels (4 uplink + 4 downlink) . The OBP is in charge of demultiplexing/demodulation/decoding of the received DVB-RCS signals, and of multiplexing the received data in order to build 4 DVB-S2 compliant down-link TDMs. The RedSAT OBP features a state of the art merger/slicer, which permits to combine the traffic coming from the 4 DVB-RCS MF-TDMA uplinks according to several policies and priorities. This allows to configure the OBP to handle the traffic according to a wide variety of QoS (best effort, high priority, jitter sensitive traffic).

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