HISPASAT and Barcelona's Opera House, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, renew their collaboration agreement to broadcast operas via satellite

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite telecommunications operator, and the Gran Teatre del Liceu Foundation have signed a renewal agreement today in Barcelona to broadcast three operas live via satellite, both in Spain as well as abroad. These broadcasts form part of the theatre's Multimedia Project, which is focused on developing and promoting opera culture.

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Altán’s Red Compartida to multiply the base stations connected through HISPASAT’s Ka-band

The new agreement adds 665 new base stations to the initially contracted 65, adding up to around 4 Gbps of satellite connectivity in total.

The connection via HISPASAT's satellite will offer voice and data services to more than 3 million people with the 4.5G LTE coverage provided by Altán’s Red Compartida.

The robust connectivity and high-throughput cellular backhaul over satellite is essential in regions like Latin America to achieve the capillarity that cellular networks need faced with the boom of 4G and the arrival of 5G.

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Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales and HISPASAT renew their agreement to distribute the AMC Networks channels in Spain and Portugal

● The satellite operator will provide spatial capacity to distribute 14 television channels through its Hispasat 30W-5 satellite located at 30º West, the ideal position to distribute contents in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Jordi Hereu, new president of HISPASAT

The Spanish satellite operator’s Board of Directors approved his nomination yesterday to relieve Rosario Martínez Manzanedo.

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HISPASAT announces the jury's decision for its IV “Female Engineer” Scholarship for postgraduate space studies

• Laura García Insa, a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from the Polytechnic of Valencia, has been selected as the winner of the 5,000 euro scholarship.

• The satellite operator has awarded its fourth annual scholarship to a female engineer so that the winner can earn a master's degree in the space sector.

• The company aims to foster female talent in engineering in order to have more women working in this sector in the future.

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HISPASAT promotes the role of satellites in the 5G ecosystem

● The operator has joined 3GPP, the body that is leading the standardisation of 5G technology.

● Satellites are due to play an important role in the implementation of 5G to guarantee its rollout regardless of geographical location.

● Their global coverage and speed of deployment will complement terrestrial networks in various scenarios, from connecting people and objects in remote rural areas to providing connectivity services on planes, ships, cars and trains.

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HISPASAT expands the agreement with SYNTELIX to offer satellite connectivity to the maritime sector in the Mediterranean and Latin America

• The two companies are renewing and expanding the satellite capacity agreement until 2022 in order to consolidate the maritime segment in these regions.

• The agreement also includes a joint action plan to develop maritime connectivity service distribution channels in Latin America.

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HISPASAT's Amazonas Nexus Satellite will embed the Pathfinder 2 mission for the United States Space Force

The Spanish operator has been awarded the contract in association with Artel, the secure communication network systems integrator.

The Amazonas Nexus, a more efficient, safer and more flexible latest generation satellite, will be launched in mid-2022.

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Telefónica renews its satellite connectivity service with HISPASAT for companies and public agencies in Spain

Satellites are the ideal solution to provide resilient, secure connectivity services for corporate areas in remote environments.

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HISPASAT will provide Ka band satellite links to extend Altán La Red Compartida in remote areas of Mexico

The Amazonas 5 satellite will connect 65 base stations to provide 4G LTE broadband mobile voice and data services in areas where it is not viable to roll out land-based infrastructure.

Satellite connections will make it possible to offer voice and data services to around 600,000 people with the 4.5G LTE coverage that Altán's network provides.

Cellular backhaul connectivity via satellite is essential in regions like Latin America to achieve robust, high-capacity capillary structures that mobile networks need given the boom of 4G and the arrival of 5G.

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HISPASAT reassert its support for inclusive basketball together with the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida

• For the fifth consecutive season, the operator has renewed its sponsorship of ESTUAMEB, the wheelchair basketball school promoted by these three organisations.

• This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy in its commitment to the integration and development of its athletes.

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HISPASAT rolls out the first 50 WiFi satellite hotspots together with EasyTV to bring internet access to remote areas in Brazil

● This is the first stage of the roll out to extend internet access in the country using Facebook Connectivity’s Express WiFi platform and with the coverage in the Ka band from HISPASAT's Amazonas 5 satellite.

● EasyTV has joined the project as an internet service provider in areas without telecommunications infrastructure or with low quality connectivity.

● By purchasing prepaid passes to access the internet, end users can tailor their use to their needs and economic conditions.

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HISPASAT amplía el plazo de presentación de solicitudes para la Beca Mujer Ingeniera

• Debido a la situación creada por la pandemia de Covid-19, el operador extiende la presentación de solicitudes hasta el 6 de julio.

• La Beca HISPASAT “Mujer Ingeniera” financia los estudios de postgrado en el ámbito aeroespacial a una alumna de Ingeniería Aeronáutica o de Telecomunicaciones.

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HISPASAT presents its Amazonas Nexus satellite in the Washington Satellite Show 2020

• The new satellite from the Spanish operator will be launched in the second half of 2022 and will have an estimated useful life of 15 years.

• The operator will be present in the trade fair's exhibition area where it will display two advanced satellite reception terminals.

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HISPASAT has opened the IV Scholarships for Aerospace Studies for Female Engineers

• The operator continues to foster the development of female talent in areas of engineering, aiming to help more women enter this sector in the future.

• HISPASAT's "Female Engineer" Scholarship finances postgraduate studies in aerospace for a student of Aeronautical or Telecommunications Engineering.

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HISPASAT and PLD Space agreement to collaborate in the compatibility analysis of small satellites on board MIURA 5 rocket

• Both companies have agreed to work together to explore the possible terms and conditions that can validate PLD Space as a launch services provider.

• PLD Space is a Spanish company that develops launch technologies to provide commercial orbital and suborbital access services dedicated to small payloads and small satellites.

• HISPASAT will help to define the technical conditions that satellites must meet to be integrated and launched on board MIURA 5.

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HISPASAT extends its cellular backhaul services via satellite in America

Thanks to the latest contract renewals and new agreements in the region, the operator will provide capacity to extend mobile networks via satellite in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina.

Cellular backhaul connectivity via satellite is essential in regions like Latin America to achieve robust, high-capacity capillary structures that mobile networks need given the boom of 4G and the arrival of 5G.

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HISPASAT renews its collaboration with Fundación ATRESMEDIA to broadcast the FAN3 channel for hospitalised children

• The operator will continue supporting the Humanising Children's Hospitals Programme of the Fundación ATRESMEDIA, helping to broadcast the FAN3 channel.

• FAN3 is broadcast in 165 hospitals throughout Spain, thanks to the collaboration of HISPASAT's satellites.

• This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy in its commitment to personal and community development.

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Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales and HISPASAT renew the agreement to distribute RTVE channels in Latin America

The operator will contribute spatial capacity to distribute eleven television channels and radio stations through its satellites located in 30º West, the ideal position to distribute contents in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Gogo and HISPASAT Sign Capacity Deal to Meet Rising Inflight Connectivity

Gogo increases Ku Capacity with HISPASAT’s Amazonas Nexus HTS Satellite, launching in 2022.

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Thales Alenia Space to build Amazonas Nexus from HISPASAT, a more efficient and flexible satellite to adapt to the evolution of the communications market

• The Spanish operator kicks off its new mission Amazonas Nexus, devoted to the mobility and connectivity markets, marking the start of a new generation of satellites with an innovative architecture and higher capacity.

• The new satellite, embarks a new generation Digital Transparent Processor (DTP), a technological breakthrough that substantially increases the flexibility of the satellite, allowing its adaptation to eventual changes in the customer’s demand.

• Amazonas Nexus, which will have an important participation of the Spanish aerospace industry, is scheduled for launch at the end of 2022 and has an expected lifetime of 15 years.

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