HISPASAT y Gesico2000 llegan a un acuerdo para ofrecer un acceso a Internet vía satélite de 100 Mbps en la España rural

Gracias a la capacidad y altas prestaciones de HISPASAT sobre el territorio español, ambas empresas garantizan un acceso inmediato a una banda ancha de calidad para dar respuesta hoy al objetivo de conectividad universal marcado en el Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia.

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Hispasat y Eurona llegan a un acuerdo para extender Internet vía satélite de 100 Mbps en la España rural

Según las estimaciones de la Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones e Infraestructuras Digitales, a finales de 2021 más de 1 millón de hogares españoles no dispondrán de un acceso a Internet de 100 Mbps.

Con su acuerdo, ambas compañías dan respuesta de manera inmediata al objetivo de conectividad de 100 Mbps marcado por el Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia del gobierno español para el 100% de la población en 2025.

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HISPASAT collaborates with the government of Ecuador on bridging its digital divide with two pilot tele-education and telemedicine projects via satellite

The operator has provided five schools located in remote areas of the country with a complete digital classroom solution with satellite broadband Internet which will benefit more than 400 students.

HISPASAT has also reached an agreement with the Ecuadorian government on donating a satellite telemedicine service to provide primary care remotely.

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HISPASAT lanza la iniciativa Conéctate, un servicio mayorista de Internet por satélite a 100 Mbps para cerrar la brecha digital en España

Gracias a su potente capacidad sobre el territorio español, el operador garantiza un acceso inmediato de hasta 100 Mbps y da respuesta hoy al objetivo de conectividad universal marcado en el Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia.

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Hispasat strengthens its capacity dedicated to bridging the digital divide in Spain and Portugal with that of Eutelsat’s Konnect satellite

Hispasat guarantees immediate connectivity at 100 Mbps from any geographic location in both countries.

More than 1 million homes in Spain won't have Internet access at 100 Mbps by the end of 2021 unless it is possible to guarantee the use of all available technologies.

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The Red Eléctrica Group is creating satellite connectivity bubbles on high voltage towers to fight against the digital divide

Hispasat, Reintel and Elewit have demonstrated that satellite terminals can be installed on high voltage towers to roll out connectivity bubbles in rural settings, which will contribute to bridging the digital divide in Spain.

The project has made it possible to verify the proper operation of satellite terminals in the highly unique electromagnetic environment of high voltage towers.

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HISPASAT to provide satellite capacity in Greenland through the Greensat mission

HISPASAT, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator, has signed an agreement with Tele Greenland A/S, the national communications company in Greenland, to lease space capacity on the Amazonas Nexus satellite until the end of its lifetime.

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HISPASAT offers satellite connectivity at the Montaña Palentina V Ultra Trail

- The satellite operator will facilitate the necessary communications in the five Championship
races, which will attract more than 700 athletes this weekend.

- The service will include the deployment of a portable terminal at the finish line of the Spanish
Vertical Race Championship, located at Pico de Las Lomas, at over an altitude of over 2,400

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HISPASAT launches a pilot project with Correos to provide satellite connectivity to their offices and solve their Internet access issues

The pilot will be run in six locations: three in Zamora (Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa, Fermoselle and Coreses), two in Teruel (Valdealgolfa and Mosqueruela) and one in Soria (Duruelo de la Sierra).

Satellite connectivity will allow these Correos offices to improve their efficiency and be able to offer real-time administrative services and operations, such as instant money transfers and tax payments.

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HISPASAT is reaffirming its support for inclusive basketball together with the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida

HISPASAT, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator of the Red Electrica Group, has renewed its support for inclusive basketball for the sixth consecutive year through its sponsorship of ESTUAMEB, the wheelchair basketball school promoted by the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida (AMEB - Spina Bifida Association of Madrid). This agreement includes organising the summer wheelchair basketball camp which starts tomorrow in Madrid.

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The Board of Directors of EXIM approves $80,7 million financing for HISPASAT’s Amazonas Nexus project

The loan granted will be used to finance the launch service and insurance for the satellite.

With this milestone, HISPASAT completes the financing of the space segment of the Amazonas Nexus mission, that will be launched in 2022.

The transaction is the first EXIM financing of a satellite-related export since 2015 and is a sign of support from the financial market to the Spanish operator and the Amazonas Nexus project.

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HISPASAT announces the jury’s decision for the company’s 5th Annual “Mujer Ingeniera” (Female Engineer) scholarship for postgraduate space studies

• María Molina Delicado, an Electronic Communications Engineering student at the Complutense University of Madrid, has been selected as the winner of the 5,000 euro grant.

• The satellite operator has awarded its fifth annual scholarship to a female engineer to study a master’s degree in the space sector.

• The company aims to encourage talented women in engineering fields so that more women will work in this sector in the future.

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HISPASAT forms part of the consortium selected by the European Space Agency to study lunar communication and navigation services

● The study aims to design the satellite architecture and communication and navigation services to be used in future moon exploration missions.

● Led by Telespazio, the international consortium, also includes satellite operators, manufacturers, SMEs, universities and research centres.

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HISPASAT takes over Media Networks Latin America’s management and signal transport business

Thanks to this agreement, HISPASAT reinforces its position as a leading operator for services related to satellite television in South America.

This action is the first step in executing the 2020-25 Strategic Plan, aimed at turning HISPASAT into a services and satellite solutions company.

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HISPASAT provides free connectivity and remote education by satellite to 15 schools and rural communities in Honduras

- The Minister of Education of Honduras and the Ambassador of Spain have inaugurated this service donated by HISPASAT as part of the aid provided by Spain after the disaster caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

- The operator is providing WiFi satellite terminals, satellite capacity and a remote education solution for the next nine months to 15 schools and rural communities located in different departments in the country.

- Following disasters like this, in which thousands of students were left without Internet access, satellite technology is a key tool to contribute to re-establishing communications as it is independent of land-based infrastructure and is not affected by natural disasters.

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HISPASAT convenes the 5th Scholarship for aerospace studies for female engineers

• The operator supports bringing in exceptional women into the fields of engineering to increase the presence of women in the sector.

• The HISPASAT “Female Engineer” Scholarship finances postgraduate studies in the aerospace field for one female student from Aeronautics or Telecommunications Engineering.

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HISPASAT and Gilat renew and expand their contract to offer cellular backhaul services in the United States

HISPASAT has signed a multi-year and multi-transponder agreement with Gilat Satellite Networks, to renew and expand the contracted satellite capacity to extend the mobile networks in the United States using Amazonas 2 and 3 satellites located in the 61º West orbital position. As part of this agreement HISPASAT will connect hundreds of base stations of Gilat’s strategic customers, including several mobile operators.

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HISPASAT renews its collaboration with Fundación ATRESMEDIA to broadcast the FAN3 channel for hospitalised children

• The operator will continue supporting the Humanising Children's Hospitals Programme of the Fundación ATRESMEDIA, helping to broadcast the FAN3 channel.

• FAN3 is broadcast in 165 hospitals throughout Spain with the help of HISPASAT's satellites.

• This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability policy in its commitment to personal and community development.

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